Counting more than 350 branch offices and 4000 agencies in Chile, Servipag can be considered the country's best payment platform. See how it works and all the benefits of offering it.


What is Servipag?

Servipag is a leading local payment platform in Chile that processes an average of 9 million monthly transactions. It allows users to pay for online purchases using vouchers and was created in 1990 by two of the main Chilean financial institutions (BCI and Banco de Chile) to support the country's bank transfer system.

In the beginning, the billing portal only allowed people to pay utility bills, and, over the years, it has spread all over Chile and become used for online purchases.

Despite accepting several payment methods, including credit cards, Servipag has offline payment options for people who lack a payment card or Internet banking. 


What can be done through Servipag?

Among several services offered, Servipag includes:

  1. Bank transactions 

  2. Cash checks (mainly in Banco de Chile, BCI, Security and BICE).

  3. Withdraw up to 200,000 Chilean Pesos (only in Banco de Chile or Banco BCT),

  4. Pay bills

  5. Deposit in different banking entities

  6. Recharge or top-ups.

  7. Transfer money.

  8. Collect salaries and pensions


Benefits of accepting Servipag

Servipag is used by 40% of users in Chile who prefer not to use credit cards online. Despite having more than 350 branch offices and 4000 agencies/stores across the country, the payment platform provides excellent benefits for merchants who offer it, such as:

  1. Multiple payment methods: Merchants don't need to worry about various integrations since the platform offers several payment methods through a single integration. Customers can choose their preferred payment option online or physically in one of the +4000 Servipag stores. 

  2. Real-time confirmation: As soon as transactions are done, merchants and their customers receive a payment confirmation.

  3. Safety and efficiency: The payment platform has a low fraud risk since it follows the highest safety requirements globally. All transactions are certified by Verisign, and if used offline, Servipag has no chargebacks.  

  4. Charges in local currency: If used with EBANX integration, merchants can charge their shoppers in CLP (Chilean Peso) and receive funds in USD anywhere in the world.


EBANX & Servipag

Servipag is necessary for any digital commerce aiming to enter or expand operations in Chile.

So, EBANX is here to make this process more accessible and convenient. Can you imagine being able to offer the most popular payment methods in Chile through EBANX integration with Servipag

Start to sell with the best billing portal in Chile: Servipag