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A successful payment strategy is fueled by a combination of tech, service, and local expertise that evolves your payment offering as the market evolves. Maximizing a local payment strategy shouldn’t be friction-packed nor static. EBANX is at the forefront, connecting global brands to payment solutions that simplify expansion and operation and ensure superior levels of payment performance, coverage, and service level.

Superior Performance

Increasing and elevate your revenue with  superior payment performance.

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Reach & Depth

Expanding your market reach with a comprehensive payment portfolio and deep regional expertise.

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Service Level

Simplifying your operations through a global settlement network with a local approach and support.

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Forefront Technology

Powering up your business through an ever-evolving and constantly improving payments platform.

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Global brands growing in rising markets with EBANX
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Superior payment performance that increases revenue and elevates your brand in rising markets

EBANX equips merchants with a top-performing payment solution to maximize payment performance without reinventing the wheel

Generating an optimized balance between approval rates and chargeback levels through smart routing and dynamic retry mechanisms with 100+ direct connections. 

Delivering higher checkout conversion rates through an optimized User Experience for alternative payment methods: e.g. proprietary improved page design and automated triggers based on behavioral analysis to reduce dropoff in the payment flow.

Maximizing your overall payments performance through key features:

Card verify (zero authentication & ghost authentication)

Account updater

Retry logic

Acquirer redundancy & smart routing

Risk scoring

Device fingerprint

Block/trust lists

Geolocalization availability (vouchers)

Performance tracking during campaigns or seasonal dates

The proof is in performance

Above market average performance for  traditional and alternative payment methods

  • +4.2 ppt average uplift in our merchants approval rates.*

  • -0.67 ppt average decrease in our merchants chargeback rates.*

  • +27 ppt average uplift in our merchants conversion rates for cash & voucher payments according to user behavior.**

*Data collected between 2021-2022 from EBANX top merchants. Numbers may vary according to the country and industry.

**Data collected between 2020-2021. Numbers may vary according to the country and industry.

Uplift for recurring payments

  • +5.43 ppt average uplift in approval rate for our merchants with subscription businesses*

  • +8.5 ppt average uplift in approval rate through our dynamic retry logic**

*Data considered for merchants in the SaaS, Gaming and Streaming industries between 2021-2022. Numbers may vary according to the country and industry.

**Data from our global merchants collected in Q2-2022. Numbers may vary according to the country and industry.

Operational Performance Metrics: Payments Platform uptime of 99.99%

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Reach more customers through a comprehensive payment portfolio with extensive market coverage

+100 payment methods in 18 countries within Latin America and Africa, including credit & debit cards, digital wallets, instant payments, cash & vouchers, and bank transfers.

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Double digit increase in revenue through APM adoption and a broader payment method availability.

Connection to +100 different processors and local partners.

Know who our partners are

Connect with a partner that understands local customer behavior and equips you with the operational coverage to grow your addressable market and expand your reach in the fastest-growing rising markets

Making your access easier to new markets due to a cross-border payment solution that reduces operational and regulatory overhead.

Boosting your sales in each country by quickly integrating new payment methods through a wide range of regional partners and a deep network of local connections in 18 countries and counting.

Enabling an instant go-to-market plan by managing all your global requirements and compliance needs with all local regulations.

Allowing your business to go further with outstanding payment solutions and features:

Pay-in and Payout

Complete pay-in (charging customers) and payout (paying providers) solutions - with micropayments and mass payouts availability.

Single transaction

Products/services from local and cross-border sellers can be sold within the same cart and checkout experience while having a single payment transaction.

High Tickets

The payment solution for high-value sales (up to 100K USD) available in the market.

Hybrid settlement model (local and cross-border).

Alternative payment methods for recurring billing and for payouts.

Local market government funded Meal & Benefit Voucher payments for cross-border operations.

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Simplify payment operations and financial flows through a global settlement network and expert-level local support

Collect locally, settle globally. We provide the service level and integration you need to localize your business in any market.

Delivering world-class support and local advisory through a dedicated team of experts in your timezone, with reduced response time.

Supporting global settlements while having streamlined financial flows with reliable cash management, balanced FX volatility and cash liquidity.

Since only one single integration is needed to process you are able to save more than 250 development hours per any new country or launch which allows for acceleration  to Go Live in each market you choose to expand in.

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An ever-evolving payments platform for your payments strategy today and in the future

We are at the forefront of technology to foster innovative business models and help you uncover more market opportunities

+30 releases per day.

Proprietary back-end infrastructure.

All-in-one platform which requires a single and convenient integration. 

Built-to-fit solutions according to your digital business industry

SaaS & Cloud


Shared Economy



Digital Ads & Social Media

Travel & OTAs

And more

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How the EBANX Platform keeps global brands of every industry ahead in payments

Commiting to innovation, customization and constant improvements to support a wide range of payment needs, from micropayments to high tickets, for both Pay-in (charging customers) and Payout (paying providers).

Flexible integration options to go to market faster:


14 partners available for integration, including Stripe, WorldPay, ACI, Recurly, etc.

Direct Api

A seamless integration for you to accept all payment methods directly on your domain. 


A fully customizable checkout rendered directly on your page. 

Payment Page

A practical and safe checkout page managed by EBANX. 

Payment Link

Manually generated payment links redirecting your customers to EBANX's Payment Page.

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EBANX is leading global digital businesses ahead in rising economies.

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