Boleto Bancario

Popular, convenient, and safer than cards. Enable this traditional alternative payment method to your Brazilian customers and go beyond with EBANX Boleto Bancario's benefits.

A must have for digital commerces in Brazil

Merchants offering Boleto have access to 4x as many Brazilian consumers and this payment method doesn't cannibalize other options such as credit cards. 

Brazilians' favorite cash/voucher payment method

According to The Brazilian Federation of Banks, 6 billion Boletos are processed every year. 

Easy and convenient

Boleto vouchers can be paid online via internet banking or through the bank's app, or at hundreds of thousands of places including lottery agencies, bank branches, supermarkets, etc. 

Some global merchants offering Boleto via EBANX

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Why do merchants offer EBANX's Instant Boleto instead of the standard Boleto?

Faster confirmation and settlement processes 

Up to 15 minutes to confirm payments and, consequently, faster settlements. 

Optimized stock management

Through faster Boleto confirmations, merchants can optimize their stock management once the waiting period decreases.

Higher conversion rates

The customer which usually prefers to pay via Boleto will be more inclined to complete their purchases because their products/services will be delivered quicker due to faster payment confirmations. 

Better checkout experience 

Checkout is simpler than the standard Boleto and similar to card transactions. 

Boleto, Brazil's traditional alternative payment method

Created in the early 90's, Boleto became part of Brazilian culture. It is a traditional voucher/cash-based payment method exclusively used in Brazil. Commonly used by people to pay for monthly bills, such as water and energy, this method has become widely used for online purchases as well. 

For merchants, offering Boleto is a way to increase their total available market in Brazil. 

Almost USD 17 billion in digital commerce's sales volume

Boleto accounts for all cash/voucher payments in the Brazilian digital commerce and represented 9% of the total online sales volume in 2022.

Source: EBANX & AMI, datapack 2022

Fast payment confirmation (via Instant Boleto)

While the standard Boleto takes D+1 business days - except Mondays - to complete, Instant Boleto via EBANX requires only up to 15 minutes or less.

Safer than cards

Boleto is free of chargeback fees and has, virtually, no fraud risk. 

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How does Boleto work?

The customer selects the Boleto Bancário as a payment method in checkout.

A voucher with a barcode is generated for the customer to either print, copy the barcode number, or scan it with their phone.

The customer pays via internet banking or the bank's mobile app, or physically in cash at hundreds of thousands of locations, including lottery agencies, bank branches, supermarkets, etc.

Payment confirmation: Once completed the Merchant recieves payment confirmation either with Boleto of D+1 or Instant Boleto within 15 minutes or less.

Boleto: D+1 business days, except Mondays. 

Instant Boleto: in 15 minutes or less.

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Boleto Bancario/Instant Boleto
Specs with EBANX

Payment type:

Voucher/Cash payments


Online via internet banking or bank's mobile app, and physically at bank branches, lottery agencies, supermarkets, etc. 

Countries available:


Currencies accepted:

BRL (Brazilian Real) - can also have settlements in USD via EBANX

Cross border availability:


Payment confirmation:

15 minutes  or less for Instant Boleto / D+1 business days, except Mondays, for standard Boleto Bancario

Recurring payments:


Installments availability:




Outstanding Boleto features via EBANX

Mobile-responsive voucher

Offer 100% mobile-friendly Boleto voucher featuring only the essentials for your customers completing payments.

Optimized barcodes

Let your customers pay through scannable and copyable barcode numbers.

Customized vouchers

Add your company's logo to the payment voucher and increase trust among customers.


Show your customers the closest physical payment locations to get faster payments. 

Email notifications

Notify your customers about their payment status by sending a created payment order email, a reminder email, and a confirmation email.

Boost your conversion rates by offering the most popular Brazilian cash-based payment method in an optimized way by partnering with EBANX.

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