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From micropayments to high-tickets, pay and receive payments in local currency with EBANX

You don't have to be in Africa to sell to Africans. With EBANX, you sell to 18 different countries in Africa and Latin America, accepting the payment methods locals love and managing from anywhere. All in one dashboard.

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Trusted by global businesses:

the payment partner for digital businesses to boost revenue and reach more people

+10 ppt average uplift in approval rates 

based on unique user levels for our global SaaS merchants in one year.*

-0.5 ppt of average decrease in chargeback rates

for our digital ads & social media merchants in one year.*

-1.6 ppt average decrease in churn rate

with retry logic analysis performed by our specialized technical support team.*

*Data collected between 2021 and 2022. It may vary according to the country.

There's no going back on digitization. Every vertical segment is being pushed out of its comfort zones to embrace change and challenge itself to deliver a remarkable digital experience to customers. Digital business models have been gaining impressive ground in regions of Africa and Latin America - and you can be the next big hit in such rising economies.

We can help you with a built-to-fit, end-to-end local payments platform fueled by superior features and processes:

99.99% uptime

One-click payments

Retry logic

Smart routing

Customer Score

Trusted MID

Account Card Updater

UX improvements

Complete reconciliation - including payments, chargebacks and refunds information

Automatic recurring billing and PCI DSS compliant tokenization

Partnerships with multiple local acquirers in each country where we operate

Fast and guaranteed settlement in merchant's currency

Clear Dashboard and on-demand analytic reports

From cash-based to digital payment methods: the fastest-growing industries are the ones that are not afraid to change

3.47 billion

3.47 billion is the number of people making digitally-enabled payment transactions worldwide.


40% of online purchases will not be paid with a credit card in Latin America in 2025.


70% of all mobile money volume transacted worldwide is from Africa.

Most of what we routinely do is transformed by technology: banking services, shopping experiences, logistics and app deliveries, learning and working processes, hobbies and entertainment, looking after our health… communication in its entirety.

Not only have we been consuming differently, but how we pay for our consumption has also changed. Here are the challenges that we can help you overcome when selling cross-border in rising economies Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and others:

Perform multiple payments in different countries

  • Accept 100+ local payment methods

  • Charge in local currency, settle funds in USD

  • One dashboard with visibility of all payment transactions

  • Cost reduction with improved conversion and lower chargeback rates

  • Broader market reach and payment coverage

Manage micropayments and mass payouts

  • From micropayments to mass payouts

  • Pay local influencers, suppliers and other third-parties in their currency and method of choice

  • Clear visibility over balance & transactional activity.

  • Near real-time payment confirmation

Deal with high ticket transactions

  • Accept high-value transactions in LatAm

  • Automatic billing and invoicing

  • Domestic, international, or hybrid operational models

  • Localized fraud prevention strategy in each market

  • Online checkout for B2B customers with higher AOV

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Whether you're charging your customers abroad or paying local suppliers,
EBANX is your

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Get paid faster, with higher approval rates and better conversions. EBANX Pay-in was created to help global digital companies who want to grow their businesses in rising economies. Accept the most popular payment methods in each country, from cash-based options and bank transfers to digital wallets and instant payments. Give the option of payments in installments with credit cards, and let your B2B and B2C customers pay you in Brazilian Real, Mexican Pesos, and 16 other currencies. Then collect the funds in USD anywhere in the world.

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Pay influencers, producers, gig-workers, contractors, and other local service providers in their currency, using their preferred payment method. Reduce operational costs and get faster confirmation with single or mass payouts. Our Payout solution is fully compliant with all country regulations, and we ensure the payee onboarding process is simple and safe at every step. If you choose to pay using alternative payments, confirmation takes 10 minutes or less. For bank transfers, consider a 2-business day period.

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High Tickets

Count on an exclusive B2B payment solution for transactions above USD 10,000. EBANX High Tickets go way beyond the traditional manual invoices or SWIFT transfers. Add installments, alternative payments, and local methods to your current offer, accept single or recurring payments, and process all international transactions fastly and safely - all in local currency. Have an online checkout integrated into your UX platform with near real-time payment confirmation, detailed reconciliation, and other exclusive features.

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Use Case #1

Uplifting approval rates by 14 ppt in 3 months

An EBANX  global audio streaming merchant was able to increase its approval rate by 14 ppt in only three months after counting with superior acquirer and issuers connections and optimizing its anti-fraud strategy to reduce high-risk transactions.* 

*Period considered: May - July 2022

Use Case #2

Exclusive micropayments solution to power specific business needs

In 2022, EBANX enabled a global social media merchant to make cash reward payments available (under $5) in local currency and in real-time through the complete micropayments flow solution.

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And more

Let your clients pay and receive as they like

Go beyond regular cards to bill and pay Africans and Latin Americans. With EBANX, you can offer 100+ payment methods for one-time or recurring transactions, plus single and mass payouts.

  • Diverse payment methods from local cards to APMs

  • International, domestic, or mixed funds settlement

  • Local currency availability for pay-in and payouts

  • Multiple, single or partial refunds

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Localized anti-fraud solution for you and your clients

EBANX Anti-fraud is our localized fraud and risk prevention solution, specially designed to keep your operation safe in all purchase steps while balancing security with optimal payment performance.

  • Machine learning for behavioral score

  • Block and trust lists

  • Robust validation scheme

  • Manual Review to reduce false declines while preventing fraud

  • A/B testing

  • False-positive measuring

  • Device fingerprint

More about EBANX Anti-fraud Solution

Flexible and convenient integrations

Integrate the way you want to make the most of the payments environment in Africa and Latin America. With EBANX, you have a diverse integration portfolio, depending on your business model, current capabilities, future strategy, and available resources.

  • Direct API

  • Payment Link - manually generated payment links to cut the need for complex integrations

  • Drop-In - complete white-label and customizable checkout with no redirection

  • Payment Page - practical and safe checkout page managed by EBANX 

  • Channels - a partnership network to seamlessly connect you to us

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World-class support in your timezone

Count on world-class support and local advisory through a dedicated team of local experts. Payment support is available for you and your customers in the respective time zones and languages. 

  • Regular planning and analytical meetings

  • Merchant operational support

  • Market intelligence

  • Growth and marketing strategies

  • Performance monitoring and insights

  • Identification of opportunities

  • Roadmap for improvement

Sell more, get paid faster, and scale your global digital business in rising markets with EBANX

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Local payments

Have a fully localized solution for payment processing in Africa and Latin America.

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Paying international influencers: from single to mass payouts, in local currency.

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