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Since the beginning of our journey, we have had one mission: to provide global access for everyone. We are called ebankers, and we are global thinkers connecting businesses and people around the world through payments. Let's make history together!

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EBANX Life is about work-life balance and your well-being. That’s why we offer first-class benefits for the modern professional.

* Please note that the benefits listed below apply to job opportunities in Brazil and may vary from country to country.


  • Meal voucher

  • Transportation vouchers

  • Well-being: no dress code environment, dog day, and snacks available at any time.

  • EBANX Health: medicine subsides for ebankers, Health and Dental Plan (SulAmérica), with subsidies for dependents.

  • EBANX Family: Daycare assistance, extended caregiver leave, and a support program for pregnant women and children.

  • EBANX Flexible: Flexible Schedule, Year-End Break and Birthday Day Off.

  • EBANX Waves: goals and variable pay programs.

  • Language Center: English, Spanish and Portuguese classes.

  • EBANX Education: financial support for undergraduate, graduate and MBA programs so you can develop important skills for your career.

  • EBANX Skills: budget for training programs and workshops so you can develop important skills for your position and career.

  • Lifestyle Perks: no-dress-code environment, dog days and snacks available anytime.

  • Blue Club: discounts for ebankers at exclusive establishments.

  • Gympass

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Working at EBANX is experiencing a culture fueled by our will to challenge the impossible

EBANX is built on 5 values, and they are intrinsic to every ebanker.


We believe that knowledge is power and key to sustainable growth. At EBANX, technical scientific knowledge is valued and self-knowledge is always encouraged.

Big Dreams

Our vision is grand and has no limits. We believe that barriers were made to be broken and that we can help write history.

Results Orientation

Every single task has an impact on our operations. Going the extra mile to deliver optimum results is our priority. 


Giving up is not an option. Ebankers pride themselves on being resilient and finding solutions to all the challenges in front of us.


We are dedicated to making history. The engine of our business is built on passion, respect, and trust.

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As a global tech company that deals with enterprise merchants, technology is at the core of our business. There are over 200 tech-focused ebankers teaching, learning, coding, and enabling more than 30 deployments every day.  

“Working with technology at EBANX is learning something new every day.”

"Working in the technology area at EBANX is learning something new every day, whether it's a new programming language or technology or even the chance to practice new behavioral skills while working in a very collaborative environment. It's something that really took me out of my comfort zone, and it's a path of no return."

Elison Rissatto
Software Engineer Team Leader

“Working at EBANX is the certainty of a broad and high-speed learning experience.”

"Working as a developer in EBANX is the certainty of a wide learning and high speed. It is to pursue and achieve the "Big Dream" of developing your career and your technical knowledge in contact with different languages, frameworks, and challenging technologies. Associated with this, we have the perception of #TamoJunto every day, where everyone on the team is very receptive, willing to share knowledge, and walk together in building a welcoming environment and incredible deliveries."

Isadora Giongo
Software Engineer

Do you have what it takes to join our tech-savvy crew?

Check out some of our primary technologies

  • Programming languages: PHP, Elixir, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, and Java.

  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB.

  • Technologies: Docker, ElasticSearch, Spring Framework (Core, Boot, Transaction, Web), Quarkus (GrailVM), Hibernate, Liquibase, Hazelcast, JUnit 5, TDD, SonarCloud, AWS (Lambda, RDS, Aurora, SQS, SNS, S3, Beanstalk, ECS).

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Code Your Way

Community technology

Code Your Way is for anyone who believes in technology's power. Since 2012, we have been exchanging experiences and discussing technology. Today we promote meetups, following our tradition of promoting engagement between ebankers and our communities.


Promoting diversity and inclusion is part of EBANX Life. We are strong ebankers, with unique personalities, stories, and backgrounds, delivering different ideas and points of view on behalf of our communities.  

We value differences and continually seek ways to increase our support for underrepresented groups as we grow our business. 

Here are some of our initiatives:

Female Leadership

We are actively working to increase the number of women in leadership positions at EBANX. We invest in training, succession planning, and affirmative openings for management positions.

Female protagonism and anti-machism

Society has evolved through the power of women.  EBANX launched the Empower Her campaign and embodies respect and empowerment towards women every day. Sexism ends when respect begins.

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Racial equity

We’re always increasing the number of racially diverse people on our team, especially in leadership positions. We put actions into practice with diversity committees, affirmative positioning, and development programs.

LGBTQIA+ pride and trans employability

It’s possible to build a society in which each person can love and exist any way they want. We pride ourselves on being trained by LGBTQIA+ leaders, and we strive to expand trans employability.

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Employability of people with disabilities

Professionals with different disabilities are part of our staff. We have an inclusion program and an environment that welcomes people with mobility difficulties. And more:

  • Sign language interpretation

  • Assistive technology

  • Exclusive talent bank


EBANX was born in Curitiba - Brazil, but we are global. Beyond Brazil, people of many nationalities are part of our multicultural team. 

Become An Ebanker

We are proud of a global business that has been impacting over 100 million consumers in 25 countries. Are you ready to join us? 

Explore our current job openings and apply if you think the next step in your career is growing with EBANX.

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