A full range of payment methods for global techs to pay their local contractors, sellers, influencers and payees in a streamlined and secure way

Fast payment confirmation and superior approval rates with multiple payment methods

Pay your partners in less than 10 minutes with a 94% average success rate, including the option of alternative payment methods for the transactions.

Single and mass payouts requested and controlled by you, at any time

Request payout transactions in 3 simple steps through EBANX dashboard, using your funds balance (from payin or account top up), with the benefits of easily making single and/or mass payments.

No burden of collecting documents and registering your payees

Enable an easy payee self-onboarding (both natural and legal persons) with a few requested fields and send customized messages to improve communication with your suppliers.

Micropayments under 5 USD made in less than 2 minutes

Take advantage of a simplified flow for payments under 5 USD, with real-time confirmation in a tailor-made solution to support cash-out flow to any third party.

EBANX exclusivity

Some global merchants benefiting from our Payout solution, within the complete EBANX payment offer built-to-fit their business needs.

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Tailored for your payout needs, including the specificities of the shared-economy industry

With EBANX's ideal cross-border model in emerging markets, you can take advantage of local payment methods to pay your local contractors the way they are used to, through a compliant and locally taxed operation, without the bureaucracy and costs of opening a local legal entity.

Superior performance

A 94% average success rate on payouts, with an exclusive retry- logic technology to increase acceptance and account verifier to automatically pre-validate the receiver's account.

All-in-one platform

One single solution to add payin capabilities, new payment methods and new markets as needed by your business, with specialized risk, taxes and regulatory support.

Funding flexibility and financial control with customizable reconciliation

Funds in USD or local currency can be wire transferred to the balance account anytime, and, if the merchant processes payments with EBANX, the funds collected through payin can also be available for payouts.

Streamlined integration via API

A seamless integration via API with total assistance from our developers to enable a customized payout process according to your business goals and needs.

Full visibility and autonomy in managing funds

A complete dashboard for you to manage local currencies in different countries, perform local and mass payouts, generate customized analytic reports and track each payout transaction status.

EBANX Payout Offer

Account-Based Transfer





Online Debit



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Focus on your business growth with EBANX ever-evolving cross-border payments solution

Add balance

  • Via external wire transfer (top-up)

  • Using available settlement from payin

Direct API Dashboard

  • Single payout

  • Mass payout (unlimited number of payouts sent at once)

Payout request

  • Payee’s data

  • Amount

  • Payment Method

Payee Area

  • Self-onboarding: the payee fills in the data via Payee Area

Payee onboarding

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Analysis

  • Internal analysis with  external providers


  • Either natural or legal persons

Payment methods

  • Bank transfers

  • Alternative Payment Methods

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Payout is part of our all-in-one payments platform

Global techs can get their expansion goals serviced by one modular and customizable platform with built-to-fit solutions and key benefits, which also include Payout and EBANX exclusive solutions.


Easily access new markets and acquire new customers with a full range of traditional and local alternative payment methods, and receive your funds settlement anywhere in the world.

See EBANX Pay-in solution

Payment processing with both domestic and international funds settlement: multiple and mixed operational models

Choose and combine the solutions that best fit your business for both your pay-in and payout needs. Combine payment processing with both international and domestic settlement across multiple nations.

See EBANX Hybrid solution

Other platform capabilities

Automatized payment processing up to 3M USD per transaction.

See EBANX High Order Value solution

Payment API framework, allowing for seamless expansion of payments portfolio, markets and transition from cross-border to local processing models.

See EBANX Integration solution

The EBANX solution enables local payment methods that support any recurrence model across any market, and is inclusive of tokenization, smart routing and ongoing payment performance.

See EBANX solution for recurring payments

Best in class payment services that include, unified reconciliation (across all financial institutions, in each market, per payment method) with highly detailed custom reporting which can be exported through various formats through EBANX dashboard.

See EBANX exclusive payment services

Unparalleled platform efficiency

  • High overall transactions-per-second capacity: EBANX processes more than 35 million payment transactions per month, for more than 1,000 merchants across the world

  • 99.99% platform uptime and technology redundancy

  • Sophisticated monitoring capabilities: Real-time logs and monitoring and on-call 24/7 service, with reaction time in less than 5 minutes

See EBANX Performance Optimization Capabilities

Ready to access real-time individual or mass payouts with a truly localized experience for your payees?

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