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The continent that leads the world in mobile money adoption.

EBANX currently covers 11 markets in the region:

the big three

South Africa

  • The second-largest Sub-Saharan African economy, with$329.5 billon  USD GPD, South Africa is an upper-middle-income country that is the most industrialized and technologically advanced on the African continent.

  • 41% of South Africans buy online, and 82% via a smartphone.

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  • With a gross domestic product of US$89.3 billion, the country recently adopted a digital economy blueprint to develop the ICT sector and e-commerce activity.

  • 24% of the population in Kenya shops online, and 90% buy via smartphone.

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  • Nigeria has one of the highest African mobile user penetration rates, around 37%, and the projection shows it will keep increasing steadily.

  • 26% of Nigeria's population has already made an online transaction, and 88% use mobile devices to purchase.

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other prominent markets




Ivory Coast





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Africa has emerged as a window of opportunities

The continent is about to experience the next lavish surge of innovation. Due to the lack of formal financial services, the fintech sector has boomed in Africa in recent years. Compensating for the low credit card ownership in the region, several startups launched new digital payment solutions, such as mobile money, which are more accessible than formal financial services. 

Mobile money allows African customers to receive, deposit, and send money using a virtual wallet on a mobile phone.

5 things you should know about the continent

Sub-saharan Africa is home to more mobile money users than any other region worldwide.

Africa has the highest growth rate in the number of gamers: 8.2% YoY.

Nigeria is the world's leading country per capita for bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption.

South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria were the most favorable African countries for startups in 2021.

The primary digital commerce platforms in Africa are localmarketplaces.

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South Africa

The dominant player in digital commerce

The fastest-growing African digital commerce player is experiencing a substantial digital behavior maturation; meanwhile, digital payments are becoming increasingly common in the country.

Why consider South Africa

Country overview

  • Capital: Pretoria (Adm), Cape Town (Leg) and Bloemfontein (Jud)

  • Population: 58.5M

  • GDP:$329.5 billion USD

  • Official Currency: Rand (ZAR)

Market info

The top digital commerce product category:

  • Retail: 58%

  • Tourism: 26%

  • Digital & Gaming: 16%

Buyers profile

  • Bank account penetration: 85%

  • Users with debit cards: 59%

  • Users with credit cards: 10%

Payment preferences 

  • Cards: 43%

  • Cash: 9%

  • Bank Transfer: 18%

  • E-wallet: 20%

  • Others: 10%

Featured payment method:

Instant EFT (OZOW)


Where cross-border digital sales drive growth

The country has been showing aggressive development in digital commerce and has successfully established itself as a diverse and dynamic economy.

Why consider Kenya

Country overview

  • Capital: Nairobi

  • Population: 52.5M

  • GDP:$89.3 billion USD

  • Official Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KSH)

Market info

The top digital commerce product category:

  • Retail: 74%

  • Tourism: 19%

  • Digital & Gaming: 7%

Buyers profile

  • Bank account penetration: 79%

  • Users with debit cards: 22%

  • Users with credit cards: 6%

Payment preferences 

  • Cards: 25%

  • Cash: 40%

  • Others: 35%

Featured payment method:

Mobile banking service (MPESA)


Africa's wealthiest economy

The wealthiest economy in Africa is also one of the largest digital markets, thanks to one of the best network coverages and good infrastructure for mobile connectivity on the whole continent.

Why consider Nigeria

Country overview

  • Capital: Abuja

  • Population: 200.9M

  • GDP$374.7 billion USD

  • Official Currency: Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Market info

The top digital commerce product category:

  • Retail: 91%

  • Digital & Gaming: 9%

Buyers profile

  • Bank account penetration: 45%

  • Users with debit cards: 35%

  • Users with credit cards: 1.6%

Payment preferences 

  • Cards: 35%

  • Cash: 23%

  • Bank Transfer: 21%

  • E-wallet: 7%

  • Others: 14%

Featured payment method:

USSD and Bank Transfer

Unleash Africa's potential

Expanding to African countries where digital commerce is constantly growing and developing, means unlocking a market with millions of buyers willing to pay for products and services from global players.

It's time for Africa. 
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