EBANX Solution for Travel & Hospitality

Streamline Travel and Hospitality Suppliers' payments while making travel accessible and affordable for consumers 

Global brands must be ready for the coming demand. EBANX is the top-performing payment partner, helping travel companies and OTAs streamline operations and financial flows in rising economies.

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Trusted by global travel & OTA merchants:

Count on EBANX solution to get superior payments technology, security, and approval rates

+107% average tickets growth 

for our global travel merchants*

-0.5 ppt of average decrease in chargeback rates

for our global OTA merchants in a one year period.**

*Data collected between 2021 and 2022. It may vary according to the country.

*** Data collected between 2021-2022 including shared economy merchants. It may vary according to the country.

Rely on a complete partner to manage funds from Pay-in to Payout

EBANX has an all-in-one platform ready to empower travel-related businesses, including OTAs, hotels, car rentals, ticketing companies, and other segments. Our solution has maximum availability, and it is equipped with features to optimize your suppliers (hosts, tour operators, property managers, etc.) and end-user experiences:

99.99% uptime

Easily remit payments in any country with fixed FX (hold for 24h)

One-click payments

Retry logic

Smart routing

Customer scoring

Trusted MID

Account card updates

UX improvements

Complete reconciliation - including payments, chargebacks and refunds information

​​Streamline processing for high-ticket purchases through an automated feature

Partnerships with multiple local acquirers in each country where we operate

Fast and guaranteed settlement in merchant's currency

Clear Dashboard and on demand analytic reporting

A venue of recovery: The global online travel sector is getting back on track

The market is forecast to reach USD 691 billion by 2026.

Expanding at a CAGR of 74.4% from 2020 to 2026

As has been showing promising results globally, the online travel industry is about to reach pre-pandemic growth levels, primarily in rising economies like Latin America and Africa. In LatAm's case, the Travel and Tourism industry is the fastest-growing vertical, with a 47% growth year-over-year in 2022, surpassing the region's average rate, according to AMI. 

Now is the ideal moment to expand, scale up and take full advantage of these key economies. With EBANX, you can offer a localized experience through a single integration – paying your hosts, tour operators, and property managers quickly, securely, in their local currency and receiving in USD while providing local language support.

Receiving payments

  • Offer diverse and local payment methods to increase sales

  • Allow customers to split their purchases through installments

  • Have detailed payment information and traceability

  • Automate payments management 

  • Monitor risky customers/transaction

Paying multiple suppliers

  • Decrease operational overhead of mass payout processes 

  • Perform and control micropayment confirmations 

  • Pay suppliers fast and consistently 

  • Offer suppliers' preferred payment methods and pay them in local currencies

Managing high-value purchases

  • Replace SWIFT transfers and manual invoices for better payment alternatives 

  • Reduce high‑value purchases loss due to  exchange rate fluctuations

  • Boost security with a localized fraud prevention strategy built for high-ticket transactions

  • Automate payments from capture to settlement with real-time payment confirmation 

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Allow travelers to make full payments for trips and experiences booked and pay your suppliers seamlessly


Increase your revenue by receiving payments from customers with superior performance. Our Pay-in solution supports domestic, international or mixed funds settlement, and unified  reconciliation. You can also improve conversion rates and User Experience by unifying international and local sellers in one checkout with EBANX exclusive single transaction feature and access more than 100 payment methods - including credit & debit cards, digital wallets, instant payments, cash & voucher payments, and bank transfers -  in 18 countries (within Latin America and Africa) and 14 different currencies and counting All within a single platform with a global settlement network and local support.

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Uplift your providers' retention and satisfaction rates by paying them locally in Latin America quickly and safely with a 94% average success rate. Relying on traditional payout systems can delay payments due to tax complexity, regulations, currency fluctuation, and other issues. Our Payout solution reduces operational overhead by supporting single and mass payouts, streamlining payee onboarding, and allowing several payment methods – including bank transfers, digital wallets, instant payments and being fully compliant with all local regulations, confirming payments in under 10 minutes (for alternative payment methods) and up to 2 business days (for bank transfers).

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As a low-margin and highly competitive industry, pricing payment services as low as possible is critical for OTAs. Therefore, installments can ensure higher conversion rates once travelers can split the total amount of a plane ticket or hotel accommodation. Paying the monthly cost in local currency is a distinguishing feature in the customer decision-making process and a must-have payment feature for OTAs. By offering installments as a payment alternative, you increase the purchasing power of your audience, encouraging them to purchase at higher amounts. 

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Use Case #1

Raising purchases and average tickets through installments in Latin America

A global online travel agency merchant had an uplift in its average ticket growth by 86% from September 2021 to January 2022 by providing the option of credit card installments on checkout. When choosing installment in 6x, the average ticket growth rose by 107%.

Use Case #2

Reducing chargeback rates with an extra layer of security 

A global OTA merchant decreased -0.5 ppt of average in chargeback rates in one year* when they added extra protection against fraud through the EBANX localized fraud solution specific for rising economies.

*from 2021 to 2022 - Shared Economy merchant

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Local and diverse payment methods to let travelers pay and your suppliers receive according to their preferences

Expanding economies are highly dependent on alternative payment methods, so through EBANX, you will access more than 100 payment methods and several options for payouts. This way, you will leverage your customers' and suppliers' satisfaction. 

  • Diverse payment methods offering, from credit cards, with installments available, to alternative options 

  • International, domestic or mixed funds settlement

  • Local currency availability to charge customers

  • Multiple, single or partial refunds

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Unified checkout through an exclusive single transaction solution

Offer a hybrid experience when selling goods or services from local and cross-border sellers within the same cart and checkout. EBANX single transaction enables a unified cart and checkout page with products from multiple sellers, currencies and countries which improves your customer experience and help maximize your revenue. You also have full visibility into the breakdown of what is domestic and what is international in every single payment.

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Smart anti-fraud solution to protect both pay-ins and payouts

Your travel-related business and customers need protection regarding payments, especially in expanding economies where fraud risks are higher. Therefore, our payment solutions are protected by Shield, our smart anti-fraud solution with:

  • Machine learning for behavior scoring

  • Block and trust lists 

  • Robust validation scheme 

  • Manual Review with EBANX's Fraud Specialists

  • A/B testing

  • False-positive measuring

  • Device fingerprint

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Flexible and convenient integrations

As sellers of high-ticket items, OTAs are common targets for fraud. EBANX takes the heavy lifting out of integrations by providing developers support to our merchants, simplifying the process. Different integration options are available to fit our merchants' business model, capabilities, strategy, and available resources.

  • Direct API - reverse personalized integration to generate fully transparent checkouts

  • Payment Link - manually generated payment links to cut the need for complex integrations

  • Drop-In - complete white-label and customizable checkout with no page redirection

  • Payment Page - practical and safe checkout page managed by EBANX 

  • Industry Channels - over 15 partners to be integrated with, including Worldpay.

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World-class support for your travel and tourism business model

Count on world-class support and local advisory through a dedicated team of experts with reduced response time – less than 24 hours average handling time (SLA). They are available according to your time zone and in multiple regions (Latin America, the US, Europe, and APAC). 

  • Regular planning and analytical meetings

  • Merchant operational support

  • Market Intelligence

  • Growth and marketing strategies

  • Close performance monitoring

  • Identification of opportunities

  • Roadmap for improvement

Expand to new markets, acquire new travelers, and pay local suppliers with superior payment technology, security, and approval rates.

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