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Safe, cheap, instant, and available 24/7, let EBANX help you offer the fastest growing, most recognized and  essential payment method for global businesses growth in Brazil. 

More popular than credit cards

+70% of all Brazilians use Pix.

Crucial for online sales growth

Pix increased our merchants' online sales by 20%.

The fastest growing payment method in Brazil

Between 2020-2022 Pix increased its participation in digital commerce sales by 1948%.

Some global merchants offering PIX via EBANX

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Why should merchants offer Pix?

Increase revenue

Pix is used by 150 million Brazilians that could become your potential customers. Besides being real-time and with 24/7 availability, businesses can get rid of intermediaries which means they become  subject to less transaction fees.

Optimize cash-flows

Merchants receive payments instantly and can reinvest or use the funds to pay debts faster. Other payment methods, such as Boletos and credit cards, have strict deadlines and the settlement is much slower. 

Reduce risks 

Merchants are less prone to fraudsters since Pix can be used directly on smartphones and doesn't require a card password or an ATM. Additionally it has a robust safety mechanism developed by the Brazilian Central Bank.

Fulfill shopper's immediate needs

Brazil has almost 250 million active smartphones. These devices give tremendous potential to  digital payments, especially Pix, and fulfills the increasing Brazilian consumer purchasing preference for a quick and easy purchasing experience.

Pix and the power of instant payments in Brazil

Pix is a system created by the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) at the end of 2020 to bring instant payments to life. Linked to more than 700 financial institutions, it allows direct funds transactions between personal and/or business bank accounts, while being a financial inclusion tool for the more than 70 million unbanked Brazilians. The system accepts transfers between different entities without taxes, it is free to people, works 24/7, and completes any transaction in  10 seconds or less.  

Pix became, only two years after its launch, the second most used payment method in Brazil's digital commerce

+150 million

Used by +150 million Brazilians.

+1.5 billion

transactions per month.


of online purchases in 2022.

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How does Pix work?

Creating a Pix account

The process is simple. Either for individuals or companies, they need to register a Pix key in their financial institution (traditional banks, digital banks or payments platform). There are four types of keys available:

CPF or CNPJ – The user’s tax identification number in Brazil

Cell phone number

Email address

Random key – a computer generated string of numbers that identifies the user’s PIX account

*Individuals can have up to 5 registered keys, while businesses can have up to 20 keys. 

Using Pix and Pix Cobrança

When making payments or transferring money, users have the option to scan a QR code  - which can be static, dynamic or both - or enter the payee's Pix key. All the process can be done via smartphones, notebooks, tablets or desktops connected to the internet. There is also Pix Cobrança, which is an instant voucher payment (part of the Pix system) offered by companies via QR Code including key information such as expiring date, overdue fines, and interest rates for future payments.

Pix in digital commerce's purchases

The shopper proceeds to checkout and selects Pix as the payment method.

A QR code appears on the screen to be scanned or to copy the number provided. 

The shopper opens his/her financial institution app, selects Pix, and scans the QR code or paste the number.

The funds are transferred in less than 10 seconds and the purchase is confirmed. 

The shopper also receives a payment confirmation in his/her bank app

Pix Payment Initiator (PISP)

EBANX is a PIX Payment Initiator, authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil, and can perform as a connector between two banking institutions using Open Banking Technology.

This Pix feature simplifies the user experience of the customers and improves conversion rates, sinceit authorizes the purchase directly in the user's financial institution, reducing the steps of copy and paste all the Pix details to pay. All security levels for the transaction are maintained.

Pix & Pix Cobrança

Specs with EBANX

Payment type:

Instant Payment


Online via traditional banks, digital banks or payments platform (digital wallets)

Countries available:


Currencies accepted:

BRL (Brazilian Real) - can have settlements in USD via EBANX

Cross border availability:


Payment confirmation:


Recurring payments:


Installments availability:





PISP - Pix payment initiator

Outstanding PIX features via EBANX


Transactions happen in less than 10 seconds.

User Friendly and 24/7

Pix is easy to use and can be accessed online at anytime, anywhere.


Pix counts with robust safety mechanisms enabled by the Brazilian Central Bank and follows the General Data Protection Law.


Pix is used for transactions between people, businesses and governmental institutions, and has other features such as an installments (split) option, cash withdrawal, and changes in cash.


Pix is free for individuals and has a low cost for companies.


Pix is integrated to more than 700 financial institutions.

Sell more and sell instantly with Pix.

Join the instant payment's revolution in Brazil by partnering with EBANX.

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PIX -The revolutionary instant payment in Brazil

Safer, cheaper, and in real-time, PIX is speeding up the market. Learn more about this revolutionary payment method in our exclusive white paper.

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