Payments and Market in Mexico

A study about the largest Spanish-speaking region in the world

With solid macroeconomic institutions and an open economy based on imports and exports, Mexico's growing demand for digital goods and services is driven by increased internet penetration.

The online Mexican market shows impressive growth rates in sales via smartphones and payments with digital wallets. Also, over 74% of the country's population uses digital commerce daily.

Discover what this data means for Mexico's local market and delve into how to increase sales in this Latin American giant!

Learn how to conquer the Latin American market through Mexico, one of the most visited countries in the world

Through this Study, you will be able to grasp the financial behaviours of the local population in Mexico. You will also:

  • Understand the top 4 payment methods preferred by the Mexican population;

  • Comprehend why and how the country's population became tech-savvy consumers;

  • Get to know Mexican data to uncover the best business solutions for cross-border payments;

Become a Latin American market leader by unravelling Mexico's payments and market.

A vibrant region with a deep history and influential culture. Mexico was the third most visited country in the world in 2020, a temporary phenomenon attributed to the easing of health measures in the country's tourist areas.

Before the pandemic, the region consolidated itself in 2019 as one of the 10 most visited countries, with more than 45 million international tourists representing US$ 24.563 million – a growth of 9% per year in the country.

But how tourism and the local population behaviours can become a lever for cross-border payments strategies not only in Mexico but also in LatAm? This is what you will understand through this detailed study.

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