Performance Optimization

Increase and sustain your revenue with outstanding payment performance, with a continuously optimized approval funnel.

+4.2 ppt average uplift

in approval rates of our enterprise merchants.

-0.67 ppt average decrease

in chargeback rates of our enterprise merchants.

+27 ppt average conversion uplift

due to cash voucher UX redesign according to user behavior.

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EBANX performance benefits

Approval funnel meeting your strategy

EBANX can act on business rules, fraud prevention and acquiring/issuer routing for the best balance in approval and risk management.

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Exclusive smart-routing machine learning model

Based on EBANX leadership in cross-border payments, our model finds the best acquirer for each transaction in an automated way.

Immediate anomaly detection and correction

We measure deviations on a real-time, daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure we course correct and improve approvals.

Continuous technical analysis and improvements

The best practices in payments in rising markets on payment methods, UX, recurring payment dates, card updates, and AB testing.

Leadership in local connections to payment players

We continuously meet with acquirers, issuers, and schemes to proactively manage and build confidence in our merchants.

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EBANX Exclusive Smart Routing Machine Learning Model

Our weekly updated model, fed by multiple data entrees, supports our results in superior payments performance.

  •  Card bin

Issuing bank and the type of card within the bank.

  •  Order value

The size of the order being processed (variable or static).

  •  Card brand

Acquirers tend to have higher approvals on specific card brands.

  •  Transaction type

 Recurring, Installments, CVV, Frequency.

  •  Responses codes

Retries in response codes to optimize approvals.

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Proven results with consistent payment optimization: use cases

Gaming merchant

  • EBANX identified that a top gaming merchant's retry logic could be improved for customers with non-sufficient funds, a very common rejection reason in Brazil.

  • Implementing a card verify process immediately increased approval rates by 3%.

  • The merchant approval rate per unique user is outperforming similarly benchmarked merchants by ~7%.

Streaming merchant

  • EBANX analyzed the free trial abuse with digital cards for a major streaming merchant. This negative behavior would provide an extended freemium period, impacting the merchant's conversion and revenue stream.

  • User ID and device fingerprint were implemented and tailored fraud reports are sent twice a week, preventing fraudulent behavior. As a result, there was a 0.2 to 0.5 reduction in chargebacks per month, in a span of 24 months.

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