Checkout Process: a step-by-step guideline

to elevate your monthly revenue in emerging markets

Wondering how your checkout process could be the turning point in your revenue’s growth? Or how does a localized checkout make the difference when it comes to selling in emerging markets?

This guideline will teach you how to design an effective checkout process for cross-border payments, with a specialized focus on the trending emerging markets of Latin America and Africa.

Ensuring a seamless checkout experience means accepting international payments, local currency, and preferred payment methods, such as mobile money and cash vouchers. It's also crucial to guarantee communications, taxes, and fees in the local language.

Now it's time to understand how to scale your monthly revenue and sales goals in Latin America and Africa through an impelling checkout process!

After reading the Guide, you will be able to maximize your potential in emerging markets through the following:

  • Quick Checklist – with clear objectives and focused on essential improvements;

  • Suggested Payment Methods – bringing a deep understanding of the best APMs;

  • Anti-Fraud prevention – which local elements can influence security and how to solve issues;

  • Which Installments offer - and why B2B sales in emerging markets prefer to split.

Increase revenue by offering a checkout process of a high standard in emerging markets.

It doesn't matter which markets you are targeting for selling cross-border. A slow and unresponsive checkout is one of the main reasons people give up buying.

Investing in offering local payment methods - including instalments and refund options - for Latin American and African customers is crucial to seeing rapid growth soar.

You broaden your reach by offering APMs (Alternative Payment Methods), especially in developing economies. In those regions, over half of the population depend on bank transfers, instant payments, digital wallets, mobile money, and vouchers to buy online.

Learn how to make life easier for users and learn it step by step with detailed tips through this complete Ebook.

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