Fraud & Risk Management: avoid Chargeback and Maximize Conversion rates

Meet the perfect balance between high approval and conversion rates and effective risk management in emerging markets.

Tailored for cards and alternative payment method (APMs) transactions, our fraud management solution combines advanced behavior analysis, unparalleled performance, and exclusive local card payment enhancements.

Optimized for Rising Markets

Our risk and fraud management solution is meticulously crafted for 26 emerging markets across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, delivering robust protection and superior performance.

Increased Performance

Up to 4 p.p uplift on approval rates.

2.2 p.p decrease on chargeback rates.

Tailored Protection

Our risk and fraud prevention system adapts to your industry and business model for efficient cybersecurity.

EBANX Rules Advisors

Our proprietary machine-learning technology suggests complementary rules by conducting rigorous backtesting, simplifying your decision-making with advanced automation.

Ever-Active Anomaly Detection

We continuously monitor for irregularities in approval rates, volumes, and key metrics, even when dealing with unfamiliar behaviors, safeguarding against potential fraud escalation.

Advanced Card Capabilities and Optimization Tools

Our solution combines tailored machine learning with 3DS authentication and features Network Tokenization, Pre-Authorization, Multiple Partial Refunds, Card verification, Smart Routing, and more. 

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Performance Advantages

-27 p.p.

Lower fraud rates than the average peer group based on the Mastercard Advisor Study.

+11 p.p.

rates in which EBANX Anti-fraud outperforms other anti-fraud players in Brazil.

+4.4 p.p.

uplift in approval rates with EBANX Anti-fraud engine.

-2 p.p.

Decrease in chargeback rates with EBANX Anti-fraud engine.

Source: Mastercard Advisor Study, 2023.

Unveiling EBANX Fraud & Risk Management and Advanced Card Capabilities

EBANX introduces a localized, cutting-edge solution to combat payment fraud in emerging markets while improving approval rates and chargeback levels.

Backed by artificial intelligence, our multi-layered approach employs advanced technology to proactively identify, prevent, and manage fraud and risk.

Features that Set Us Apart

  1. Three protection layers: the first layer is the initial security analysis for cards and APMs. The second layer is the anti-fraud machine, with market security engines, EBANX's proprietary security engine, and transaction scoring. The third layer includes smart routing and retry logic.

  2. Real-time transaction scoring powered by advanced machine learning.

  3. Automated A/B testing to minimize false positives.

  4. Industry-specific enhancements, including manual review and chargeback coverage.

  5. Seamless merchant chargeback automation.

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 Card Optimization Features

3D Secure (3DS): Prevents unauthorized card usage by adding an extra layer of security.

Card Tokenization: Safeguards sensitive card data through encryption.

Smart Routing: Enhances transaction acceptance rates by optimizing routing.

Pre-authorization: Confirms the availability of funds before processing.

Multiple Partial Refunds: Facilitates refunds in case of service unavailability.

Card Verification: Validate cards before processing for added security.

Payment Approval: After processing, the payment is sent to the acquirer and issuing bank for approval.

Account Updater: Allows automatic updates of new card numbers, blocking old ones.

Vault Tokenization: Encrypts cards for PCI compliance.

Token Requestor ID: Generates a hash in the Network Token flow.

Card on File: Stores cards used by the merchant/EBANX in each transaction, not for recurring payments.

Recurrence Flag: Flags transactions for processors/acquirers when they are recurrent.

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Ready to Take the Lead in Payment Security and Performance in Rising Markets?

Stop fraudsters and supercharge your payment performance with EBANX Fraud & Risk Management solution and our card optimization features.

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