Oxxo in Mexico

Simple, accessible, and safe. Start offering the most popular Voucher Payment Method in Mexico through EBANX.

The #1 Voucher/Cash-based Payment Method in Mexico

OXXO is responsible for 50% of all Voucher/Cash-based Payment Methods in Mexico's digital commerce.

Source: EBANX & AMI, datapack 2022

Easily accessible 

There are more than 20,000 Oxxo stores covering all  Mexican regions for your customers to make their required payments.

A key financial service

Oxxo is the main Correspondent Banking in Mexico and offers services such as payments for utility bills and digital commerce in cash, bank deposits, and cash withdrawals.

Some global merchants offering OXXO via EBANX

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Why do


offer Oxxo?

Increase sales

Oxxo represented almost USD 5 billion of the total online sales in 2021, while the Mexican preference for Voucher/Cash-based Payments grew 15% compared to 2020.

Expand market reach

Due to Mexico's low credit card penetration and high unbanked population, offering Oxxo allows merchants to tap into a larger consumer base.

Reduce risks 

Oxxo is a popular and trusted payment method with low risk of returns due to its cash-based nature.

Improve customer's experience

Oxxo enables a simplified, convenient, and safe shopping experience. Also, because payments occur in the shoppers' local language and currency, it improves their satisfaction.

Oxxo is more than a sales enabler, it is financial inclusion tool

68% of the Mexican population do not have a bank account, which represents over 87 million people. While only 15% of Mexicans own a credit card, OXXO is a leader in financial services for the unbanked, including payments made in digital commerce. 

Besides being an extremely popular convenience store in Mexico, OXXO is also a key Mexican financial service provider

Almost USD 2 billion in digital commerce sales volume

Oxxo counted for almost 2 billion of the total Mexican digital commerce sales volume in 2021.

Real-time confirmation 

While the standard Oxxo takes up to one business day, Oxxo Pay has real-time payment confirmation due to a partnership with Conekta - a local digital commerce enabler. 

Connected to Mexico's largest banks

Oxxo is connected to 15 Mexican banks - including BBVA, Santander, Banamex, Banorte and HSBC -  while it is responsible for 80% of all bank deposits in the country.

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How does OXXO work?

The customer selects OXXO as the payment method at the checkout.

A voucher containing a barcode is generated to be printed or saved in a mobile phone by the customer.  

The customer goes to one of the +20,000 OXXO stores, presents the barcode to a cashier, and pays it in cash. 

The payment is then confirmed.

Oxxo: up to one business day.

Oxxo Pay: real-time confirmation.

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Oxxo/Oxxo Pay

Specs with EBANX

Payment type:

Voucher/Cash payments


Physically at any Oxxo store

Countries available:


Currencies accepted:

MXN (Mexican Peso) - can have settlements in USD via EBANX

Cross border availability:



Direct API, Payment Page or Plugin by Shopify

Payment confirmation:

Real-time for Oxxo Pay / D+1 for Oxxo

Recurring payments:


Installments availability:




Outstanding OXXO features via EBANX

Mobile-responsive voucher

Offer 100% mobile-friendly OXXO voucher featuring only the essentials for your customers completing payments.

Optimized barcodes

Let your customers pay through scannable and copyable barcode numbers.

Customized vouchers

Add your company's logo to the payment voucher and increase trust among customers.


Show your customers the closest physical payment locations to get faster payments. 

Email notifications

Notify your customers about their payment status by sending a created payment order email, a reminder email, and a confirmation email.

Increase your addressable market via EBANX with OXXO payments and scale up your business in Mexico

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