EBANX Payment Partner Network

Go-to-market in rising markets faster with a connection through EBANX Payment Partners

EBANX has connections with leading payment partners across a variety of industries to seamlessly compliment your existing strategy and help you go-to-market faster in new markets through your existing integration. 

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For Merchants looking to integrate through an EBANX Channel Partner

EBANX is focused on building a global community of payments, technology, and value added service partners. We aim to build relationships that are mutually beneficial, founded on trust and professionalism–relationships that add real business value to your customers.

With our partner network, we are committed to building technology and business solutions that enable speed to market, increase your access to the local consumers, payment method optionality, and faster growth for your merchants in Latin America.

Fast Go-to market faster

Lean on the expertise of EBANX and a payment partner to help you prioritize new markets, gain new customers, and start processing without the need for establishing a local entity or local resources on your own. 

Why EBANX, Why now

Access to local payment solutions & payment portfolio

We are proactively working to expand our payment portfolio to reflect the preferences of the consumers in each market. Quickly add new markets, and all their corresponding local payment methods based on the offering of each partner. 

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Minimal integration resources required

By selecting an existing partner or a new partner that is already a part of the EBANX Partner Network, EBANX does the heavy technical lifting. You alleviate the headache of needing multiple technical resources for extended periods of time, and cut the integration timeline in half. 

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Same Superior Service as a direct connection

Even in going live with EBANX through a partner, merchants still receive the same performance optimization, anti-fraud, reporting, and service level as merchants connecting directly to EBANX. 

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Partners available to integrate through now

How it works

Connect with EBANX by filling out our contact form or get in touch with your existing payment partner for any of the partners you see listed above. We’ll make the connection from there.

Once the connection is made, the exact process to get started will be unique for each partner agreement. During this process we’ll discuss specific solutions, markets and payment methods.

Once an agreement has been made and executed, integration between all three parties will begin.

Begin processing! Both parties will assign an account manager that will closely follow your payment performance and help you to evolve and adjust to meet your growth goals.

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For Payment Partners looking to join the

EBANX Payment Partner Network

EBANX partners are part of a global community that facilitates access to the Latin American region, whether it be through payments, e-commerce, logistics, solution providers, and/or market intelligence.

Types of organizations we partner with:

PSP, Gateway & Other Payment Providers

Technology Platforms

SaaS, ERP, Commerce or Billing Companies

Value-Added Services Providers

Marketing Companies and Affiliates

System Integrators

Consulting Companies or Individuals

Referral programs and third party organizations

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Why Partner

with EBANX

We work hand in hand to help connect you and your merchants with the resources they need to be successful in Latin America. 

Co-marketing and branding

We build a cohesive brand together to achieve the goals of our partnership, strengthened through brand awareness, market research, campaign curations, events and more. 

A mutually shared target market

Together, we define what success looks like, from defining the merchants we’ve both love to work with to generating new volume for your existing customers. 

Dedicated Partnership Manager

Resources needed to train your team on LATAM and latest trends to keep you up to date with your clients. Updates on regulative, legislative, and industry changes

Performance and Analytics

Real-time transaction reports, dashboards and more give you direct access to the performance metrics that can help your clients go farther, faster.

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