Instant payment PROCESSING: Discover Account-Based Transfers

Payments with real-time confirmation are taking rising markets by storm. In LatAm, their share in digital commerce has been growing 60% per year since 2018; meanwhile, in India, 30% of the country's GDP was moved by their instant payment method, UPI.

With EBANX's solutions, you access digital wallets, bank transfers, PIX (the primary payment method in e-commerce in Brazil), UPI (the most used payment method in India), and all future popular new instant payment methods developed in emerging markets.

Digital Wallets

Surf the wave of digital wallets, such as MercadoPago and PicPay in Latam, and reach a generation of customers who do not manage payments through traditional banks.

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Bank Transfer

Access the main banks in LatAm for real-time or next-to-real-time transfers, and also add to your payment portfolio the most used methods for money transfer, such as SPEI (MX), Debin (AR), PSE (CO), Servipag (CL), Klap (CL), PagoEfectivo (PE), SafetyPay (PE).


In a single integration, access the popular instant payment method that has been served as a worldwide example Pix. This payment method has become a must in Brazil and has taken the lead in digital commerce.

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Easily add UPI, the most popular payment method in India, to your payment offerings. At present, there are 300 million UPI users and 500 million merchants who use UPI to accept money for their businesses.

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Key Benefits of offering account-based transfers with EBANX

Increased addressable market

Online and 24/7 availability*  

Real-time fund transfers* 

Charges in local currency

Lower risk of fraud

*For bank transfers, availability and confirmation time (from instant to up to 3h) can vary according to each bank

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Instant payments driving financial inclusion

In emerging markets, traditional banking system accessibility can be a hurdle. For instance, in Latin America, only 28% of the population can access bank-issued credit cards. In such a landscape, Alternative Payment Methods bridge the gap between bank accounts and card ownership, with 80% of Latin Americans holding at least one account.

Providing digital wallets, Pix, and UPI is essential to reach a significant portion of customers who either lack access to traditional banks or whose generational preferences steer them away from these institutions.

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Be ready for the advance of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) in rising markets

BNPL global market is expected to grow at a CAGR of +21% by 2026, reaching USD 400 billion. In Latin America, BNPL solutions are still in their early stages compared to installments, but they have an advantage over the later: the Buy Now, Pay Later credit solution does not require a credit card, and can be offered in digital wallets, for example. In 2022, BNPL had a +300% growth YoY in digital commerce just in Latin America, and is especially strong in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

Volume of e-commerce, 2022, in USD Bn

Source: AMI (Americas Market Intelligence)

By integrating with EBANX, you will be ready for the future offer of Buy Now, Pay Later solution.

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Go beyond cards. Start processing payments with an all-in-one platform and the best alternative payment methods available in the market.

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