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EBANX Pay-in & Payout

With EBANX Pay-in & Payout, access a comprehensive, robust platform to manage B2B and/or B2C cross-border payments, covering every step, from pay-ins to payouts, in a streamlined payment operation. Collect customer payments and disburse funds to partners and suppliers in local currencies across all markets EBANX operates in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia.

Some global merchants benefiting from our Pay-in & Payout solution:

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A Full-Circle Payments Operation Tailored for Rising Markets

Unlock growth opportunities in emerging markets and expand your business by boosting performance, extending your reach, and elevating B2B and B2C customer satisfaction across Africa, Latin America, and India.


  • Performance Boost: Receive payments with features that increase your total addressable market and count with the most relevant payment methods for digital purchases to boost your performance in cross-border sales with a reliable global settlement network.

  • International Funds Settlement: Sell locally while accepting local payment methods. The funds can be received in USD anywhere in the world. 

  • Recurring Payments: Receive regular payments and leverage your subscriber base.

  • Direct Connection with Local Acquirers: Transactions are processed more quickly, and there is less potential for delays or errors in the payment journey.

  • Unified Reconciliation: Reconcile and match financial transactions between multiple parties.

  • Local Risk and Compliance Management: Benefit from our top-tier local fraud and risk management and a dedicated team of experts ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Optimized Money Flow: Count on a system that handles multi-currency sales.

  • Seamless Integration: One single and easy integration to accelerate go-live or upgrades.


  • Flexible Payment Requests: Accept payment requests in USD or local currency. Easily add balance through wire transfer or processed amounts via EBANX.

  • Streamlined Payouts: Request single and mass payouts in 3 easy steps.

  • Mass Payouts: Pay a large number of recipients quickly and simultaneously. Local payment methods are also available. 

  • Micropayments: perform transactions with no minimum payout amount.

  • Account Verifier: pre-validate the receiver's account automatically.

  • Seamless Management: Customizable reconciliation and detailed reports.

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