EBANX smart end-to-end local solution to combat fraud for global companies operating internationally so you can focus on growing your business while knowing you are protected.

Tailored for growing economies

Database is enriched with over 2M transactions per day from growing economies.

End-to-end protection

Our anti-fraud keeps your whole payment process safe with artificial intelligence and 5 protection layers.

Performance & protection balanced

+4.2 ppt average uplift in approval rates and -0.67 ppt average decrease in chargeback rates of our enterprise merchants.

All-in-one solution

The best fraud prevention tools integrated into a single solution.

Shaped to each business industry

Our anti-fraud targets specific fraud issues depending on your business industry.

*EBANX anti-fraud is included in all EBANX payment solutions.

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Protecting your business in a risky digital commerce environment

Using best-in-class technology and database, EBANX anti-fraud solution is machine-learning based and leverages proprietary intelligence to deliver increased revenue, better performance, while reducing the costs and risks of chargeback. Localized strategy, risk scoring, device fingerprint, fake-positive measuring, unified and automated chargeback measurement and dispute, and manual review are embedded in the solution, providing continued risk assessment while reducing operational overhead.

Here is how EBANX Anti-fraud works

Customer makes a payment.

Transaction comes to EBANX. Transaction goes through our anti-fraud solution.

5 layers of protection with artificial intelligence:

  1. Internal database

  2. Risk score

  3. Smart tracking

  4. Automatic chargeback dispute

  5. Protection options

EBANX sends the transaction to the acquirer and then to the issuing bank.

Payment is approved.

More than just an anti-fraud solution,

a payment optimizer 

Our solution is furnished around four pillars to balance security and payment performance.

Fraud Prevention

We gather the best in-class technologies and tools to protect your business.

Protection rules

Rules applied to your transactions improve your performance, balancing more sales with less risk exposure.

Risk scoring

Risk scoring establishes a transactional score for all your transactions, indicating the risk incidence.

Device fingerprint

Device fingerprint identifies customer behavior, and main patterns are associated with the device used to buy.

Device fingerprinting can be combined with additional information to improve the merchant's transaction performance.

Block/trust lists

Block and trust lists can be configured to block bad customers and unlock the trusted ones according to your business history and referenced across the full EBANX database.

Our team will analyze block and trust lists before being applied.

Provider routing availability

With the best in class providers available, our experts can switch your transactions to the best option to improve your performance.

Target approval rate

EBANX can be committed to reach a target approval rate and improve your business performance.

Fraud Management

We guarantee your performance health in each step, including in the event of any fraudulent activity.

3 ways to dispute chargebacks

  • EBANX can automatically dispute fraud chargebacks for the merchant.

  • EBANX can automatically dispute fraud chargebacks while the merchant chooses whether or not to dispute commercial disagreement ones.

  • Merchants can dispute both on their own.

Partnership with main acquires

EBANX is integrated with the main acquirers and operates ensuring up-to-date notifications and a better chance to improve your performance.

Continuous improvement

EBANX gives 24x7x365 support along with tests and improvement suggestions. 

A/B testing

Used to calibrate your fraud strategy, adjusting rules and scores that will optimize your rates and increase performance with less risk exposure.

False-positive measuring

To ensure that real consumers aren’t blocked.

Dedicated experts

Experts looking exclusively at your business industry and on-call support team.

Performance monitoring

You can monitor your performance and find insights in the Analytics section within your EBANX Dashboard.


KPIs within Dashboard, such as approval and decline rates and reason for the decline for deeper analysis.

Advanced reports

Access to a dashboard customized to your business with complementary information within the Dashboard's Analytics section.

Stop fraudsters and decrease losses

Start processing payments with EBANX and count on our anti-fraud to improve your performance with top notch protection

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