PIX Troco (Change)

The PIX evolutionary agenda is happening after the official PIX announcement in November of 2020. The increasing popularity of this new payment method in Brazil led BACEN to launch a new feature within PIX, called PIX Troco, which is a new way for end users receiving their change when purchasing. Check out in this article how PIX Troco works and its main benefits.


What is PIX?

PIX is an instant payment method created by the BACEN (Central Bank of Brazil) to revolutionize the market. It promotes quick, real time, and direct transfers between people and/or companies. Working 24/7 and in a digital way, especially through smartphone apps, PIX brought more convenience, options, access and opportunities to all Brazilians. 

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PIX Troco (Change)

PIX was launched in November of 2020, and shortly afterwards the BACEN stated that a backlog of new features within PIX would be added in the future. So, now, one year later, the future has arrived, and along with other interesting features such as PIX Saque (Withdraw), the PIX Troco was announced. 

The word “troco” in this context means “giving a change after a purchase”. Thus, for PIX end users, it means that they can receive their change in physical cash after making a purchase with their PIX app. It is important to note that this process is free of taxes for the end user.


How it works

Through PIX Troco the user can buy only from a PIX participant company and then receive a change. So, here is a practical example: 

  • The PIX end user go to a local grocery shop (PIX participant) to buy some fruit and the total is R$ 10.00

  • The user opens its PIX app and transfers R$30.00 to the grocery shop after reading the QR Code or the application of the service provider. 

  • The user then receives R$ 20.00 in physical cash as a change and gets the fruits


PIX Troco advantages

For Users:

  • More options to have a change in their purchases

  • More convenience since there is no need in carrying coins or bills to have a change in physical cash

For the Retail:

  • More customers

  • Competitive advantage

  • Less fraud risks such as receiving fake bills from customers

For the Financial System:

  • Increased competition

  • Greater capillarity 

  • Less costs with physical cash

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