Credit Card

Learn all about one of the most used payment method in Latin America and why you need to accept it in your online store.


What is Credit Card

Credit card is a card that allows you to make transactions and pay for them in the next bill, consumers can do that because they can borrow money against a line of credit and the amount that can be borrowed will depend on their credit limit.


Local Credit Card vs International Credit Card

Merchants can sell more in Latin America with local processing. Only a small portion of Latin American cards are enabled to buy on international websites, so the best strategy to reach most of the population is to accept local credit cards. With a local payment partner that will be easier because local payment processors have connections with different players such as banks and acquirers. International cards are not so common in Latam and international processing can be more complicated, usually requires permission from the issuer for international purchases and have a lower probability of payments being accepted due to lack of local consumer data.



Payments with installments enable high-priced products and services to be more accessible to Latin Americans, this payment method is very popular among customers and part of the Latin American culture. With installments, the total amount due is split up into monthly payments that fit into the budgets of all sizes. Merchants can increase conversions with interest-free installments and receive the money all at once.

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Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a fact of life and every business that offer credit card as a payment method is exposed to it but there are some ways to be one step ahead of fraudsters. Choose a payment processor that offer basic security measures to prevent credit card fraud. When choosing a payment gateway or processor for your e-commerce business, always go with one that provides maximum protection and can give you complete support.