Payment Services

Online Payment Service Provider: cross-border payments made simple

Maximize your payment strategy on an ongoing and scalable basis with EBANX services embedded in our ever-evolving payments platform. We streamline financial flows, simplify integration, and provide support in your time zone.

World-class merchant services

Dedicated account management for key accounts, and merchant services including proactive performance monitoring and optimization and technical integration support.

Ongoing performance optimization 

We balance approval rates and risk management to deliver superior payment performance and reduced chargeback rates, increasing your total revenue.

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Cost-efficient financial services

FX operation and unified reconciliation in a single financial report, assimilating and reducing all payment complexities of different payment methods with different settlement times.

Embedded compliance and regulatory framework

As an eFX in Brazil and a Collection Agent in other countries, EBANX owns local entities, licenses and registrations to safely ensure your operation on rising markets.

Local market intelligence in your hands

We make proprietary reports and research about Africa, LatAm, and South Asia to support your business decision-making, and we customize studies on market and customer behavior.

One single and easy integration 

Accelerate your go-live and upgrades by connecting to our API directly, through a conversion layer that fits your engineering, or through our payment partners, such as Stripe and Worldpay.

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We solve the back-end of payments to empower our technological platform

EBANX has more than a decade of local experience and presence in emerging markets, and we built optimal business architectures and direct connections that support and enable the best performance of our technological platform, our payment methods' offer, and our payment solutions.

Superior Payment Performance

EBANX is the leader in direct connections with local issuers, acquirers, and banks, ensuring redundancy, smart routing, retry logics, trusted MID routing, tokenization, and other performance optimization services. Thanks to our anti-fraud solution, advanced card capabilities, and seamless integrations, we can take your business to the next level in emerging markets.

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Robust Anti-fraud Solution

Using best-in-class technology and database, EBANX anti-fraud solution is machine-learning based and counts on proprietary intelligence (we are the leader in cross-border payments in Latam) to deliver increased revenue, better performance, and reduced costs and risks with chargeback. The solution is embedded in localized strategy, risk scoring, device fingerprint, fake-positive measuring, unified and automated chargeback measurement, and dispute and manual review.

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Global Treasury Capabilities and Insightful Financial Reports

EBANX ensures the settlement you need, where you need it, in an optimized flow that includes 24-hour fixed exchange rate, tax optimization, funding management, and unified and reconciled financial reports that fit your treasury processes and provide insights for your business growth.

EBANX Dashboard and Operational Reports

You can manage your payments operations easily through EBANX dashboard, where you access detailed information on your global payment operations with international and/or domestic funds settlement in a transparent, simple, and practical way. The dashboard enables the tracking of all transactions and processed volumes, the release of payouts, and the request of settlements in just a few clicks.

Cash-Refund Platform

Process payments and refund your customers seamlessly via our Dashboard solution or API, in a flow that can take only 6 to 10 minutes (on API):

  1. The user asks for a refund.

  2. The merchant authorizes the refund.

  3. Bank details are requested (via email) or collected (through API).

  4. EBANX receives the refund information (through API or via the user filling out a form).

  5. The user gets the amount.

Our Global Settlement Network

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Our channels partners network

We are currently partnered with other world-class payment industry players including PSPs, cloud commerce, data protection, and subscription & recurrence platforms.

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Ready to maximize your revenue in growing economies by accepting payments with superior performance and best-in-class service level?

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