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Top-performing Cross-Border Payment Solutions for a global operation

Drive growth with an all-in-one platform employing forefront technology for cross-border payments of both B2B and B2C businesses. Supported by more than a decade of local expertise, EBANX's payment solutions streamline your expansion in rising Latin American, African, and Asian markets with superior performance, service level, and market presence.

Our payment solutions are categorized as follows:

EBANX Pay-in & Payout

Experience a seamless and integrated pay in and payout solution. Collect customer payments and disburse funds to partners and suppliers in local currencies across all 25 markets EBANX serves. All with localized support in varied time zones and specialized personnel for technical assistance and operational improvements.

Our solution provides international settlement options, 100+ payment methods - including the most popular cards and APMs - installment and BNPL options, and localized anti-fraud measures. You can also receive recurring payments, perform mass payouts, make micropayments, and benefit from other standard or extra features and add-ons.

Looking for a full-circle payments operation with optimized pay in and faster payouts?

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Effortlessly manage B2B payments in emerging markets with modern integrated payment solutions that handle acceptance, processing, and disbursement. Streamline high-value transactions and oversee the entire B2B payment and receivables process through a single partner. 

Our solution includes the B2B payment processing itself, high-value transaction processing, and invoicing management.

B2B Payment Processing

Efficiently process B2B payments, settle supplier invoices, and manage transaction procedures seamlessly using EBANX's all-in-one platform.

High Order Value Solution

Conduct high-value transactions hassle-free, bypassing SWIFT and minimizing cross-border fees and taxes. EBANX's High Order Value solution caters to businesses processing over USD10K per customer. Simplify checkout with payment links, charge in local currency, and utilize the most efficient local payment methods.

Invoice Management

Enhance B2B payment processing efficiency with Optimized Invoicing, Document Collection Management, and ad hoc B2B payment tools for streamlined operations.

Ready to simplify B2B payment collection and excel in managing high-value payments and receivables within rising markets?

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EBANX Fraud &
Risk Management

Balancing approval rates and prevention, EBANX's Fraud & Risk Management Solution drives revenue growth while mitigating risk. Tailored for cross-border transactions in emerging markets, our anti-fraud software counts on three protection layers and features real-time transaction scoring via advanced machine learning, seamless chargeback automation, and precise A/B testing to reduce false positives.

Our solution also has advanced card capabilities to enhance performance, increase security, and minimize chargebacks and refunds. We employ BIN-specific data for higher authorization success and faster processing times. Additional features like 3D Secure (3DS), Network Tokenization, Pre-Authorization, and more are applied as per regulations also leveraged in markets not yet using these tools. 

Interested in seizing more opportunities in rising markets with confidence by boosting revenue growth while minimizing risk?

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EBANX Integration

Enhance your market entry in emerging markets with EBANX's tailored integration solutions that seamlessly align with your payment strategy. Benefit from a dedicated technical support team, access to a robust partner payments network, and various advantages. 

These solutions reduce complexity and offer flexibility, accelerate your go-to-market process, and ensure cost-effective integration that suits your business needs.

We currently partner with the following payment industry players to address your business needs:


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