ebanx compliance & corporate governance

EBANX Values

May 10, 2022

EBANX was built over five values: Knowledge, Persistency, Commitment, Result Orientation and Dream Big. The EBANX Global Compliance Program main role is to preserve those values, by mitigating the risks that are inherent to EBANX operations and products and by preventing issues involving ebankers or third parties.

In order to express the principles and values expected from every ebanker or business partner that works with us, we have the EBANX Code of Conduct, the ultimate reference that guides our actions everyday - along with policies and procedures. Possible violations of the Code or of the policies may cause financial, reputational or commercial losses to EBANX, and must be detected and responded.

In this Compliance section of the EBANX website you will find some of the rules, documents and principles that guide all ebankers and partners.