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a powerful and exclusive payments

platform for a global operation

Reach more customers and simplify your expansion through an ever-evolving payments platform which is at the forefront of technology to deliver superior payments performance, expanded coverage, and premier service level. 

Cross-border payment solutions

To easily access new markets and reach a broader customer base in rising markets.

29 countries and +100 payment methods

Available with advanced capabilities for diverse currencies across Africa, Latin America, and India.

100+ regional partners 

Besides having the highest number of direct connections with local payment players in rising markets, we are constantly auditing and monitoring our partners to ensure a robust payment ecosystem.

Simplified operations

With a world-class support team in different time zones and a single integration to accelerate go-live.

Instant go-to-market and maximum security

We help you navigate and deal with local regulations for a faster go-to-market while providing a smart fraud and risk management solution.

+4.2 ppt average uplift in approval rates of our enterprise merchants.
-0.67 ppt average decrease in chargeback rates.
+27 ppt average uplift in conversion rates for cash/voucher payments.
Commitment to innovation 

We deliver innovative payment solutions and exclusive features to address merchants' current and future needs.

A trustworthy partner in rising markets

EBANX has a 11-year track record of leading cross-border payments in emerging markets, including LatAm and, more recently, Africa and India, with a fully licensed and audited business and financial structure.

*Data collected between 2021-2022 from EBANX top merchants. Numbers may vary according to the country and industry.

deep local expertise combined with a comprehensive payment portfolio

The EBANX platform has a proprietary back-end infrastructure and more than a decade of local experience building optimal business architectures and solutions in rising markets while being at the forefront of the payments industry.

Pay-in & Payout

Rely on a full-circle payments operation to manage funds from pay-in to payouts. EBANX offers the most relevant payment methods for online purchases, including alternative and one-click options, as well as the flexibility to choose between international, domestic, or hybrid settlement according to your operation. On the same platform, make payments, whether in single or mass payouts, both locally and internationally and also take advantage of our exclusive micropayments capability.

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B2B Payments and High Value Transactions

EBANX exclusivity

Efficiently process B2B payments and high-value transactions without the need for SWIFT and manual invoicing. Avoid unnecessary fees and save by automatically processing pre-approved order invoices ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 securely and at scale.

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Recurring Payments

Grow and retain your subscribers base with our Recurring Payments solution that includes local currency and alternative payment method acceptance, unified reconciliation, smart retry logic, tokenized credit card payments, acquiring redundancy, and analytic support showing the best dates and times to bill your customers.

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Innovative Solutions to Fit your Business

EBANX leads in providing alternative payment methods like digital wallets, instant payments, mobile money, and vouchers. We have also advanced card capabilities and a state-of-the-art anti-fraud solution equipped with AI to identify, prevent, and manage fraud and risks in emerging markets. Explore EBANX for seamless payment processing in high-growth markets.

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robust coverage to thrive in

rising markets

Latin America, Africa, and India are driving the global economy. The growing consumer purchasing power in these regions presents prime expansion opportunities for global companies. With EBANX, you can seamlessly enter these markets without needing to set up a local entity. We currently facilitate payment processing in 29 countries: 17 in Latin America, 11 in Africa, and one in South Asia (India).


Africa's digital commerce is set to exceed half a billion users by 2025, boasting the continent's fastest-growing rate of digital consumers. EBANX is currently operating in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and six other markets, with plans for further expansion into additional countries in the near future.

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Latin America

Digital commerce sales in Latin America are projected to grow by 25% annually, reaching $709 billion by 2025, in a region where nearly half a billion people made at least one online purchase in 2022. EBANX currently operates in 15 Latin American countries.

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India, the world's most populous country, boasts an impressive 470 million consumers, surpassing the entire population of the United States. Driving growth in South Asia, digital commerce in India is expected to grow by 35% by 2025, reaching a volume of USD 148 billion in 2023.

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Integrate directly or through partners to smoothly jumpstart and run your payment operations

EBANX is currently partnered with world-class payment industry players including PSPs, payment orchestrators, cloud commerce, data protection, and billing engine platforms to cover your payments needs and alleviate technical resource stress.

Count on first-class integrations, such as a direct API with reverse and personalized integration, API conversion, and a fully customizable white-label checkout experience without redirections to help maximize conversions. 

Stay tunned to the latest news and updates in payments and leading digital business from around the globe

Follow blog posts with insightful topics addressed by EBANX experts about the payment industry and global digital business scenarios in different markets and industries.

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Access studies, white papers, reports, e-books and other content formats about different markets and industries to support your business in rising economies.

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Learn more about global and local concepts, processes, and technical words used by the payments industry in a comprehensive glossary. 

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2024 Beyond Borders Research

Explore the surge in new consumers propelling the economy in rising markets and discover how these regions are shaping the global digital landscape.

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