EBANX hybrid solution with Single Transaction

An exclusive end-to-end solution for multiple and mixed operational models, combining pay-in and payout into one single integration, and payment processing with domestic and international funds settlement in the same unified transaction.

Flexibility to operate different business models through the same integration

Fast enter a new market and optimize your operation by combining different models to scale your revenue, accessing payin and payout solutions with both domestic and cross-border settlement.

An optimized UX for your customer to make just one order, even with multiple country-based sellers

Combine on the same checkout page products from both local and international vendors, and have the purchase processed in a single transaction.

Split and money custody embedded in the same exclusive solution

Have your operations simplified by EBANX taking care of the split and due remittance of funds collected on the single transaction, with the option of custody after the split and before the settlement.

One single rail and integration to access rising markets and payments now and in the future

Optimize your CAPEX by connecting to a future-proof solution that allows the expansion of your payment portfolio without new dev work.

Some global merchants benefiting from our hybrid solution, within the complete EBANX payment offer built-to-fit their business needs

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One optimal platform to land and win faster in rising markets, supporting pay-in and payout in mixed operational models (with or without local entities)

Global tech companies with local entities in one or more growing markets and international operations in
several other countries can solve all their business challenges in a single integration, and take advantage
of EBANX superior performance in approval and conversion rates.

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The Single
Transaction functionality

Combine, in the same shopping cart sales from international and local sellers

Another EBANX exclusive solution on the forefront of payments technology, the single integration operates as part of a hybrid model, allowing to combine, in the same shopping cart, sales from both international and local sellers. The consumer can then make one single order and one single payment, regardless of the nature of the seller, whose amount is processed by EBANX and splitted to the merchant and their sellers.

EBANX single transaction is available to global companies operating in Latin America. It is available for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, and enables merchants with innovative operational models to focus on their business, while EBANX takes care of payments.

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Split with funds custody: all operational and regulatory complexities solved by EBANX

In Brazil, the split process requests a registration per seller on regulatory organs, according to the Central Bank of Brazil request, in a process that includes the necessities of local licenses, and a compliance check sellers by seller. EBANX single transaction product solves the vendors' compliance review and registration on official organs.

Also for Brazil, EBANX single transaction can include the "split with funds custody" feature, meaning that we have the proper licenses to hold the money in transitory accounts for some time on behalf of the sellers, until the product/service is confirmed by the merchant to have been shipped/delivered.

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