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At EBANX, we understand the power and unique challenges of expanding into Africa's diverse market. That's why we're here to offer tailored payment solutions and expertise to help your Online Education solution succeed.

How EBANX Empowers E-Learning Platforms in Africa

Streamline Payments, Increase Revenue, and Enhance User Experience

With EBANX, you can:

Receive Payments

Increase your revenue by having superior performance. Access the most used payment methods in Africa, including mobile money, instant payments, and bank transfers, all within a single platform. Benefit from our global settlement network and local support.

Make Payouts

Enhance contractor retention and satisfaction by paying them locally and in their preferred way. Our Payout solution supports single and mass payouts, streamlines payee onboarding, and offers multiple payment methods.

Manage Recurring Payments

Expand your market reach by accepting recurring payments with local cards and APMs in multiple currencies. Leverage our superior performance to increase revenue and grow your user base.

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Case Study

Spotify in Kenya

In Kenya, Spotify has instituted a special prepaid plan that is unavailable in most of their other markets.

They incentivize users to pay for longer durations by offering a discount for the annual plan, for example. This is a common best practice when working with APMs in Kenya.

The user experience for M-PESA is more friendly than that of cards. The customer only adds a phone number and PIN code, which is faster than filling out a card number, CVV, and postcode.

How it works

Mobile User Experience

Premium offering screen.

Announcement of the discount when paying 12 months.

Highlight of M-PESA as a key payment method in the market, alongside cards and PayPal.

User enters phone number. 

User receives a prompt to enter PIN to complete the transaction. 

Payment confirmed.

Trust EBANX to navigate Africa's diversity and help your e-learning platform thrive.

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Unlock Africa's Potential with EBANX