Unlock Your Travel Business Potential in Africa

Maximizing reach and revenue across Africa's vibrant destinations

At EBANX, we recognize the immense opportunities and complexities of expanding into Africa's vibrant travel and tourism industry. That's why we're dedicated to providing customized payment solutions and expert guidance to ensure the success of your travel business in the region.

How EBANX Empowers Travel & Tourism Business in Africa

Whether you are an online travel agency, airline, hotel, or any travel business, streamline payments, increase revenue, and enhance user experience.

With EBANX, you can:

Receive payments:

Increase your revenue by receiving payments from customers with superior performance. Our pay-in solution supports the settlement of domestic, international, or mixed funds and unified reconciliation.

Pay multiple suppliers:

Pay suppliers and sellers through seamless payouts, confirmed in up to 1 hour through local alternative payment methods.

Manage high-value purchases:

Streamline high-value order transactions, such as flight ticket purchases, with an easy checkout experience and access to local payment methods.

Expand Your Travel Business Across African Markets Covered By EBANX









Ivory Coast

South Africa


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How it works

Mobile User Experience to Win The African Travel Market

Premium offering screen.

Announcement of the discount when paying 12 months.

Highlight of M-PESA as a key payment method in the market, alongside cards and PayPal.

User enters phone number. 

User receives a prompt to enter PIN to complete the transaction. 

Payment confirmed.

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