From Screen to Progress:
Empowering Africa's Youth Through Online Education

How Global Brands Can Harness Africa's Digital Landscape for Online Education Growth

With rising internet use and demand for e-learning, the opportunities to leverage this digital revolution and succeed in this booming market are boundless.

Online Education in Africa

The online education market in Africa is experiencing a remarkable surge, propelled by advancements in technology and the increasing accessibility of the internet across the continent.

US$885.70 million

Revenue in 2024 


Expected growth rate

(CAGR 2024-2029)

US$1,485.00 million

Projected market volume by 2029

Ahead of the game

Africa has some of the highest growth rates for digital industries

Africa's digital transformation fuels the e-learning industry

The continent is changing the game regarding digital transformation, and e-learning is at the forefront of this process. With a diverse landscape and a swift uptake of technology, Africa is leading the way in remaking how people learn.

Vibrant Diversity

With 54 countries and 24 languages, Africa boasts a rich mix of cultures, with English widely spoken.

Mobile Momentum

80% mobile phone penetration drives the mobile-first approach.

Rapid Growth

Digital commerce surges by 38%, signaling a hunger for online services.

Untapped Potential

By 2030, Africa will boast over 1 billion potential digital consumers.

Africa takes the lead with youthful, largest population

In the next decade, the continent will outpace China and India in adult population

Africa's digital landscape holds immense promise

The digital landscape in Africa holds huge promise for online education providers poised to seize the opportunity:

Explosive Growth

With 32.0 million users projected by 2029.

Untapped Markets

Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa (KENSA) offer prime opportunities.

Payment Revolution

Embrace digital payments to unlock Africa's vast potential.

Powering growth through digital payments

Africa's e-learning landscape holds unique promise, but unlocking its full potential requires seamless payment solutions for African students.

Embracing Digital Payments

46% of Sub-Saharan Africa's population has made a digital payment – higher than in India, Mexico, and Indonesia

Moving Beyond Credit Cards

Low card penetration demands local payment options for Africans to access products and services globally.

Leveraging Local Payment Methods:

To expand their reach in Africa's online market, digital companies must offer local payment methods.

Alternative - and digital - payments prevail in Africa

EBANX is the gateway to Africa's rising markets

Navigating Africa's diverse markets requires a strategic partner with deep local expertise and a proven track record of success. EBANX emerges as the ideal payment partner for online education providers seeking to expand and grow operations overseas.

Streamlined Entry

Overcome regulatory hurdles effortlessly with EBANX's infrastructure.

Tailored Solutions

Get tailored strategies to meet the unique needs of each African country.

Payment Innovation

Offer diverse payment methods, including mobile money and local alternatives.

Market Insights

Leverage EBANX's insights to understand consumer behavior and preferences.

Partner with EBANX to unlock the full potential of Africa's online education market.

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