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Looking to grow your sales into other countries and expand your payment offer? Use your existing Shopify account to start selling in Latin America, add local payment methods, and have a localized anti-fraud working for your safety and performance - all under the same platform.

How It Works

The EBANX Shopify Plugin is a quick and easy way to integrate your Shopify store and process payments in up to 10 markets in Latin America. You keep doing what you're doing: managing the operation, creating orders, and requesting refunds directly in the Shopify panel without any other integration, plugin, or headache.

Expand your offer

Sell to more people by letting them pay using their desired payment methods - including Pix and wallets.

Sell internationally

Bring your brand to LatAm or grow your revenue in new markets without a local entity.

Outsource the bureaucracies

Let us worry about local laws, taxation, and regulation. Be compliant with the nitty-gritty details of each country.

Give them access to your brand

Charge in the buyers' local currency and receive the funds in USD. Manage it all in one dashboard.

Save money

Leverage your Shopify connection to grow your business while saving bandwidth, time, and resources.

Seize every sale

Countries And Payment
Methods Available

EBANX Shopify Plugin is the best option if you have a Shopify store and want to level up your numbers in Latin America. Rely on a complete, robust platform to manage cross-border payments in local currency and any amount.

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Transparent Checkout

A game-changer for merchants operating in Latin America using Shopify’s platform, enabling them to sell in the way that people in our region most like to do it: feeling safe. With a seamless checkout solution, you’ll be able to achieve higher conversion rates and less cart abandonment.

About Ebanx

A powerful and exclusive payments platform for your global operation.

Reach more customers and simplify your expansion through an ever-evolving payments platform at the forefront of technology to deliver superior payment performance, expanded coverage, and premier service level.

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who is this for?

The EBANX-Shopify partnership is a perfect fit for your business if you are:

Connected to Shopify

Processing USD 1M+ in Latin America (annual TPV)

Interested in growing your brand in LatAm

Looking to accept local currencies but receive your funds in USD (cross-border model)