The Latin American Gamer Profile:

Key strokes to score loyal gamers

Catch on to the main characteristics and habits of gamers from Latin America. This infographic uncovers how Latino gamers behave, their preferences, and also insights that will contribute to winning Latino gamers' hearts.

Reading the infographic, you will become aware of:

  • Numbers of gamers in LatAm by ages and genders;

  • The most device used by Latino gamers and their favorites gamers;

  • How mobile gaming is impacting the industry;

  • The increase of Latino players willing to pay for games;

  • Tips to apply in your LatAm operation and drive more engagement with local players.

The Latin American gaming market is already the fastest-growing region globally.

Getting a deeper understanding of the Latin American gamer profile and their preferences is crucial to seizing the advantages to win their loyalty.

Close the gap between you and the gaming community in LatAm by providing the proper service and starting flourishing your operation in the region.

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