Streaming in Latin America:

turning users into paid subscribers - and how to maximize their engagement

The momentum for the Latin American Streaming market has been undeniable. Placing itself as the second fastest-growing streaming market globally, LatAm has a distinguished landscape.

Whether you are a video or audio streaming provider, if you intend to win this market, you need to gain depth knowledge of Latinos' preferences regarding experience and payments.

Reading the Report, you will become aware of:

  • LatAm streaming market overview;

  • Best practices to build a seamless payment experience for Latinos;

  • Key factors to convert subscribers into recurrent payers;

  • How leading players set their places in this fierce competition.

Mexico has the second-largest population with Internet access in Latin America

The increasing internet penetration made the Mexican online market skyrocket in the last years along with impressive revenue annual growth rates expected by 2025. This phenomenon is accompanied by online payments that works for any device and can be applied to your business through EBANX.

Get ready for this booming market and see how each payment method offered by EBANX can drive your business growth there.

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