The potential of APMs in rising economies

Credit cards are universal. But what happens if you offer it as the primary payment method in Africa and Latin America? Discover how to turn the APMs' potential into business opportunities on this deck.

Reading this deck, you will discover all the potential of APMs in rising economies,and after it will be able the answer these questions:

  • Why are APMs so relevant for Africa and LatAm?

  • What is driving APMs' dominance and growth in those markets?

  • What is the market share now and in the following years?

  • What are the differences and benefits of APMs over Credit Cards?

Latin Americans & Africans Are Choosing How They Want To Pay, And Their Choices Go Far Beyond Cards.

For global companies willing to seize the growth opportunity offered by rising markets, such as Africa and Latin America, offering customers various payment options is vital - and APMs are the most reliable solution in the context.

It's not just about reaching a larger share of the market and making digital products and services available for those who don't have a credit card – but it's equally important to address cultural preferences, reduce costs and build trust among consumers.

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