Instant Series: The payments innovation for real-time transactions

Dive deep into details about how technology has transformed the payment industry to enable an instant, secure, and seamless experience for payers and payees, whether they are consumers or brands.

The Real Guide to Real-time Payments will give a comprehensive perspective of four main topics about real-time payments. Download it to learn more about:

  • What are real-time payments?

  • What is driving real-time payment growth?

  • The advantages of operating real-time payments.

  • Where are real-time payments standing out?

Real-time Payments Are An Essential Part Of The Payment Innovation Journey.

There are many paths and motivations for payment innovation. However, the endpoint is only one: an open and inclusive ecosystem supporting economic and social growth.

And with all their capabilities, real-time payments have established a safe and stable financial system. Now, consumers and businesses can align payment expectations with their busy 24/7 life while transforming how money is managed and providing a strategic platform for disruptive innovation.

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