Ebanx High Tickets

A unique solution to efficiently receive high-value payments in LatAm.

EBANX HIGH TICKETS is the solution to elevate your payment process by charging your clients quickly and safely.

This manual is essential for applying the baselines to master the processing of high-cost payments.

EBANX High Tickets solution is the first of its kind in the market, and here's how we push the needle where other payment providers don't:

  • Payment performance and user experience;

  • Compliance and regulations;

  • Financial management;

  • Fraud prevention.

Are you ready to help your company gain greater market share in LatAm with High Tickets?

The payments landscape in Latin America can seem arduous. Especially when you have a variety of customers and payment models to accommodate. Yet, having a payment processor that helps you cover your SMB & enterprise merchants can reach all your bases.

EBANX is the payment partner with local expertise that furnishes a solution exclusively designed for high-ticket transactions, offering your business and your clients a secure, scalable, diverse, and fully supported payment experience.

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