Designing a Successful Checkout Process

A quick guide for gaming companies to sell more in growing economies

EBANX is the leading payment partner for global gaming companies in rising markets. We can improve your gamers' experience in Latin America and Africa.

Why do gamers give up a purchase, do you think? Some of the main reasons may include:

  • Payment declined;

  • Limited offer of payment methods;

  • Unexpected charges or fees;

  • Billing in a foreign currency;

  • Sensitive data safety.

In short: the checkout experience – How is that going for you?

Are you ready to help your company gain market share in rising economies?

The payments landscape in Latin America and Africa can seem arduous, especially when you have a variety of customers and payment models to accommodate. Yet, having a payment partner that helps you cover your operation can reach all your bases.

EBANX is the payment partner helping you land and win in Africa and Latin America. Be where the opportunities are in rising markets. We take you there.

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