Beyond Borders: the cross-border consumption in Brazil

The market intelligence team from EBANX conducts annual research in order to understand the specific aspects of the Brazilian market and all the potential when it comes to digital commerce.

You will find out about

  • Brazil's market potential, e-commerce growth, mobile growth and payment methods.

  • The cross-border consumer and bankarization, consumer profile and top international websites.

  • Brazil in numbers, economic, e-commerce, mobile usage, internet users and financial inclusion.

  • With the opinion of experts from companies like: Mastercard, Visa, ELO, Adobe, SalesForce, eBay, Cargo X and Correios.

A country easily compared to a continent, Brazil is one of the world’s largest economies.

The largest country in Latin America is establishing itself as a promising flag for the online market. With a population more connected to the Internet than ever, the country has become a stage for those companies that strive to exponential growth.

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