Acquiring & Retaining Subscribers

How to increase performance in recurring payments?

EBANX helps global tech companies to integrate their users' journey into an optimized subscription strategy and raise revenue in the region.

Read this Whitepaper and uncover how EBANX simplifies the expansion and operation of global companies looking to build a presence in rising economies, providing:

  • Optimized sign-up rates;

  • Less canceled subscriptions;

  • Maximized approval rates;

  • Security layers in all purchase steps;

  • Unified reconciliation for all countries.

Are you ready to help your company gain market share in rising economies?

The payments landscape in Latin America and Africa can seem arduous, especially when you have a variety of customers and payment models to accommodate. Yet, having a payment partner that helps you cover your operation can reach all your bases.

EBANX is the payment partner helping you land and win in Africa and Latin America. Be where the opportunities are in rising markets. We take you there.

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