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+1,600 Global Merchants | +2M Daily Transactions | +8B TPV in 2023

Join hands with EBANX, the premier payments partner for global enterprises venturing into emerging markets. With over a decade of expertise, we facilitate seamless cross-border payments for businesses, ensuring unparalleled service and market presence.

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Streamlined Payments with EBANX Pay-in & Payout

Experience seamless international payment processing with EBANX's comprehensive Pay-in & Payout solution. Manage pay-ins and payouts effortlessly, ensuring swift and secure fund transfers in local currencies across Latin America, Africa, and South Asia.

Global Payment Collection

Collect payments in local currency through 100+ payment methods with global settlement options.

Efficient Payouts

Disburse funds to partners and suppliers seamlessly, optimizing your payment operation for maximum efficiency.

Secure Your Payments with EBANX's Fraud Protection

Protect your payment operations with EBANX's advanced Fraud & Risk Management solution. Leverage machine learning and AI capabilities to safeguard transactions and minimize fraud risks, ensuring high approval and conversion rates.

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Top-Performing Anti-Fraud Solution

Benefit from EBANX's industry-leading anti-fraud solution, backed by years of experience and deep market knowledge.

Adaptive Protection Layers

Have four layers of protection tailored to your business needs, ensuring healthy transactions and mitigating fraud threats effectively.

Robust Payment Ecosystem

Benefit from a complete payment gateway offering 100+ payment methods, 30 APMs, and direct connections with 29 local acquirers.

Empowering Global Expansion

Operate confidently in 29 countries across Latin America, Africa, and India, with plans to expand to 40+ countries by 2026.

Boost Revenue with EBANX Recurring Payment Solution

Expand your subscriber base and increase revenue with EBANX's dynamic recurring payment solution. Implement a thoughtful subscription payments strategy tailored to your business needs, leveraging our comprehensive payment portfolio to drive growth and enhance customer loyalty.

Market Reach Expansion

Accept recurring payments in multiple currencies with local cards and alternative payment methods, tapping into new markets and revenue streams.

Customer Retention

Reduce churn with PCI DSS-compliant tokenization and automatic billing features, ensuring a seamless billing experience for subscribers.

EBANX solutions also promote better approval rates and lower chargeback rates in subscription business models by:

Identifying the BINs from virtual cards with dynamic numbers or dynamic CVV, and notifying the customer that they will need to register a new card or new CVV at each billing.

Making sure the merchant has a right route (rail) to submit recurring transactions with the acquirers and banks, through a trusted MID path: on the issuer side, the risk rules can be different (more flexible) and specific per vertical/merchant, targeting end users with low risk profiles.

Monitoring, identifying users and mitigating specific fraudulent behaviors in subscription in rising markets, like the abuse of free trials (when individuals create several accounts to keep benefiting from the free trial period, or even organized schemes that test if card numbers are valid using the free trial systems to then sell those numbers to other fraudsters)

Mastercard Small Tickets program in Brazil: for lower interchange fees in debit transactions of small tickets, along other benefits.

Efficient B2B Payment Management with EBANX

Modernize your B2B payment collection process with EBANX's tailored solutions for high and low-ticket payments. Simplify reconciliation, streamline invoice management, and elevate the checkout experience for your customers.

Unified Reconciliation

Manage funding effortlessly with a unified reconciliation report, providing detailed transaction data for streamlined financial management.

High-Value Order Processing

Process high ticket sales quickly in 17 Latin American and African countries, offering transparent tracking and real-time confirmation.

✓Automated and in real-time

Get visibility into the entire b2b payment process, removing the need for manual tracking and input. Get real-time updates on where and how your payments are moving.

Seamless Expansion: Unlocking Performance, and Payment Diversity

Reach more customers and simplify your expansion through an ever-evolving payments platform that is at the forefront of technology. This platform delivers superior payments performance, expanded coverage, and a premier service level. 

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