As you are already processing payments with EBANX in Brazil and Mexico, now it's time to expand seamlessly into Colombia and tap into another of Latin America's thriving markets. Take advantage of valuable sales and millions of eager buyers.

With EBANX as your trusted payment partner, you can unlock the potential for outstanding growth in Colombia.

Your Ultimate Guide to Succeeding in Colombia's Market

Colombia is the third-largest market in Latin America, with digital commerce valued at USD 42.3 billion, growing 30% in the past year alone. Projections show continued expansion, making Colombia an attractive destination for global brands seeking sustainable growth. Discover essential strategies for success and maximize your opportunities in this emerging market.

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Colombia at a Glance: Infographic Overview

Dive into Colombia's vibrant market through our detailed infographic showcasing key economic trends and consumer behavior. Discover the mobile revolution driving Colombia's digital commerce, with 76% of online sales conducted via smartphones.

This mobile-first approach highlights the importance of optimizing your digital strategies for mobile platforms to engage Colombian consumers effectively.

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Payment methods share in Colombia’s digital commerce

Optimizing Payments in Colombia

Learn how to optimize your payment strategies in Colombia by leveraging popular methods like PSE and credit cards. Comprehend PSE's growing influence, with over 24,000 affiliate stores connected to Colombian banks and 215 million transactions in 2023.

PSE commands a 95% market share among bank transfer methods, underscoring its importance in the local payment ecosystem

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Success Story: Expanding into Colombia with EBANX

Learn how a merchant expanded into Colombia with EBANX's support, resulting in an immediate and profound impact. Colombia contributed 38% of the total payment volume increase from Q3 to Q4 2021.

Gain valuable insights into leveraging EBANX's payment solutions for growth and success in Colombia.

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