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Online buyers' ascendancy in Rising Economies

Experience unparalleled growth opportunities in rising markets with the Digital Buyers Growth Index, CAGR 2018-2026, leading at 8.2% in Africa, 6.6% in LatAm, and 6% in Asia-Pacific. These regions surpass Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North America, making them prime for expansion, particularly for digital businesses.

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Africa, Asia-Pacific, and LatAm are forecast to have the largest number of digital buyers growth worldwide.

Digital buyers growth index, CAGR 2018-2026

Source: Insider Intelligence, with EBANX calculations. * digital buyer: internet users who have made at least one digital purchase during the year (% age 14+)


By 2030, internet penetration in Africa will reach an average of nearly 70% – a considerable jump from 45% in 2023. Markets such as South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, and Egypt are pushing the rates up, with over 75% of the population already connected to the internet.

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India, the digital commerce paradise

India's digital commerce sector is on a rapid trajectory, poised to achieve 35% growth over the next four years. By 2027, it is projected to surpass the milestone of USD 200 billion in volume.

Online retail and the SaaS market are prime examples of the flourishing digital commerce landscape, both set to experience double-digit growth over the next four years. This extraordinary growth positions India as one of the planet's fastest-growing markets, brimming with boundless opportunities for the future.

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