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Play with Who Knows the Game: LatAm & Africa are the World's Fastest-Growing Gaming Markets

Latin America

  • Latin America is the second-fastest-growing gaming market in the world, with +3.4% YoY growth rate.146 million people spent money on games in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Brazil and Mexico are the biggest markets in LatAm, while Panama, Ecuador and Paraguay have the highest growth rates (+25% per year). In Central America, more than 60% of sales are cross-border.


  • Africa & Middle East are the regions with the fastest-growing gaming market, reaching +6.6% YoY growth.

  • With a burgeoning population of 1.4 billion, Africa boasts a youthful, mobile-first demographic, making it an ideal gaming market. Africa's largest markets are South Africa, Egypt and Morocco.

Combining Cards with Alternative Payment Methods is Essential

In Latin America

  • 66% of gaming online sales are made through cards, and instalments are key to enabling more sales. 

  • 42% of Latin American gamers don't own a credit card, and this share reaches 77% among those under 20.

In Africa,

  • More than half of sales are made with alternative payment methods, especially mobile money, since only 3% of the population have credit cards.

Latin Americans Preferred Payment Methods

One Platform, One Integration, For All Your Payment Needs

Whether your business is a mobile, console, or PC gaming company, EBANX is here to help you land and win across Latin America and Africa. Grow your business by unlocking a premium payment experience for gamers with a broad range of payment methods and an all-in-one solution that ensures ongoing approval rate optimization, optimal recurrence performance, and secure transactions.

Credit Card Optimization & Installments

  • Thanks to EBANX's innovative features and robust local connections, you can find the perfect balance between approval rates and risk mitigation. Offering installment payment plans can also help you reach higher AoV and conversion rates.


  • Enable payouts within 1 hour using diverse alternative payment methods. You can pay your suppliers for events, tournament expenses, and prizes.

Global Settlement

  • Charge in local currency and receive payments in dollars worldwide with EBANX Global Settlement, ensuring financial stability, fixed FX rates, and reduced currency risks.

Recurring Payments for Subscription

  • Win gamer loyalty with a high-performance, frictionless recurring payment solution. Our system supports over 100 payment options, including alternative methods, to fit any recurrence or subscription model.

Local Expertise

  • EBANX leverages local expertise to facilitate seamless expansion for PC, console, and mobile gaming businesses across diverse markets, whether in freemium or pay-to-play models. Gaming companies can get a checkout in the customer’s language, accept local currencies, and rely on a payment partner who understands their player’s payment preferences in each market.

Fraud & Risk Management

  • EBANX's anti-fraud system ensures precise transaction risk evaluations, leveraging generative AI, machine learning, and anomaly detection processes.

Countries Available for Expansion (Supported by EBANX)



Costa Rica





Dom. Republic















El Salvador

Ivory Coast




South Africa


Case Studies

Getting Ahead in the Game with EBANX

Use Case #1

A global online games developer and publisher from Singapore faced the challenges of increasing its total addressable market in Latin America, reducing payment fraud issues, and boosting revenue. To tackle these issues, the company partnered with EBANX.

Results Achieved


growth in total processed volume within 6 months


increase in conversion rates for alternative payment methods


increase in card approval rates

Use Case #2

A global gaming brand from Europe partnered with EBANX to improve its approval rates and streamline payment processes in Latin America. The collaboration resulted in significant enhancements over the course of a year.

Results Achieved


percentage point increase in approval rates in one year


percentage points reduction in business rules declines with optimization of mandatory information

High-risk declines

reduced from 22% to 8% over one year with improved anti-fraud strategy

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