Success Case Study: Expanding Revenue Streams from Brazil to Mexico with EBANX

Entering LatAm's Second-Largest Market

Our client, a prominent Digital Services merchant, has been leveraging EBANX's payment solutions since 2014, initially targeting the Brazilian market. Their expansion into Mexico in the latter half of 2020 exemplifies how tapping into Latin America's second-largest market can fuel significant growth and diversification.

Expansion and Rapid Growth:

Upon entering the Mexican market in 2020, our client quickly recognized its potential and has achieved impressive results since then:

  • 2020: Mexico operations launched, contributing 12% to Total Payment Volume (TPV) by year-end.

  • 2022: TPV more than doubled in Brazil and grew 54% in Mexico.

  • 2023: Mexico accounted for 27% of the merchant’s sales.

  • 2023: Sales in Mexico accelerated, with TPV tripling within the year.

  • 2024 Preliminary Results: Mexico contributed 36% of TPV, confirming the continuing growth trend.

The achieved results and rapid growth highlight Mexico's importance as a key market for expansion. From the initial entry in 2020 to the preliminary results in 2024, the merchant's TPV increased significantly, underscoring the strategic advantage of expanding into Mexico.

Dominating the Market: Comparative Performance Analysis

The latest quarter's performance data further emphasizes Mexico's significance.

TPV Comparison: In 2023, Mexico's TPV more than tripled within a year, highlighting the high demand and revenue potential in the Mexican market.

Empowering Strategic Growth in Mexico and Beyond

The merchant's success in Mexico was significantly supported by EBANX's deep local market expertise, robust payment solutions, and superior payment service offerings:

  • Comprehensive Payment Portfolio: Offering a wide range of payment options tailored to the preferences of Mexican consumers.

  • Superior Approval Rates: Ensuring higher transaction approval rates by leveraging local connections and understanding.

  • Deep Local Connections: Established relationships within Mexico facilitate smoother operations and quicker market penetration.

EBANX: Your Guide to New Market Success

Looking to replicate this merchant's impressive growth?

EBANX is your guide to venturing into new markets. Harness our local expertise, extensive payment solutions, and superior approval rates to unlock your growth potential and achieve similar success in the Brazilian market and beyond.

Tap into Mexico's Rising Market