Zoom has entered the meeting.

Welcome to the future of payment innovation, and thanks for accepting the invitation to this journey.

Yes, we know Zoom's global reach is impressive. However, let us show you the possibilities of expanding your capabilities in regions like Brazil, Mexico, and beyond by adding innovative and essential payment methods to your portfolio.

Pix has raised its hand

Pix has become a widely accepted digital payment method in Brazil, with a whopping 96% of Brazilian merchants now accepting it. What's more, Pix has outperformed credit card transactions by nearly double in the first semester of 2023. 

EBANX uses alternative payment methods like Pix in Brazil for most B2B sales. Over the last 3 years, 8 out of 10 customers used Pix to make their 1st online purchase with an EBANX merchant, proving that digital payments enable companies to scale their operations.

43% of B2B payment volume with EBANX's merchants is paid with Pix.

Pix is screen sharing

Pix has also started to replace the traditional cash voucher system, which was widely used. In 2020, around 38% of new customers opted for cash-based payment for their first online purchases. However, this figure has significantly declined to less than 1% in the last three years.

  • Pix performance is outstanding, with a 75% conversion rate at EBANX. QR Code transactions have an even higher rate, at 97%.

  • Transactions are confirmed in only 4 minutes, on average.

Source: EBANX internal data

Connect Pix through local rails

We want to make Zoom's payment process easier. To do that, EBANX offers Pix directly through local rails in Brazil. You won't need to go through a third-party provider like Wise anymore. 

This means faster transactions, simpler processes, better user experience, and higher approval rates

Unmute further instant transfers 

Cheaper, faster, safer, and more inclusive than traditional methods such as credit cards or traditional bank transfers, real-time payments play a pivotal role in reaching broader audiences, enhancing customer experience, and boosting sales.

In addition to Pix, Latin America boasts another successful example of instant transfer usage in digital commerce. In Mexico, SPEI, while often used by the population, has gained noted space in digital sales.

Zuora is asking to enter the meeting

The quickest way to integrate Pix through local rails into Zoom's checkout is connecting to EBANX through Zuora.

Our partnership allows you to easily manage and process payments in Brazil, Mexico, and other markets, accept popular payment methods, and enhance your cross-border revenue.

Let's discuss how Zoom can reach new heights in rising economies with EBANX