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Modern solutions to accept, pay, process, and manage cross-border B2B payments in Latin America and Africa

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A Superior Performance Payments Platform For a Frictionless B2B Operation

In Latin America and Africa, B2B payments face challenges like high fees, complex cross-border transactions, regulatory complexities, and manual invoicing processes without recurring payments. EBANX offers a modern payment solution that cuts costs, streamlines invoice management, supports high-value transactions and provides real-time automation.

Frictionless Payment Experience With no Fx Control

  • Enable an online localized checkout experience. Your client chooses the preferred payment method, and automatically receives the payment confirmation and FX rates.

Easy And Cost-efficient To Manage

  • Buyers pay in local currency, EBANX settles in USD anywhere you like. Track and manage your operation with EBANX's reconciliation mechanisms and detailed reports.

Local Support Team

  • Our APAC team offers comprehensive support, including Sales Engineering, Account Management, Fraud Prevention, Customer Support, and Marketing expertise to ensure seamless operations and exceptional service for our clients.

Real-time Confirmation

  • EBANX enables APMs with real-time confirmation which allow clients to lock the FX rate for efficient money collection operations across Latin American and African markets.

Diverse Payment Methods

  • Besides traditional bank transfers for high-ticket payments, EBANX unlocks cards and other alternative payment methods according to each country's needs and preferences.

All-in-one Platform

  • EBANX has an all-in-one platform capable of processing both B2B and B2C transactions, handling high and low values, all through one integration with automatic routing for optimized performance.

Ebanx Solutions For B2b Payments

Payment Processing

Accept B2B payments (for both high and low tickets), pay suppliers, and manage the entire pay-in and payout process in Latin America and Africa. Our B2B payment processing ensures interoperability between real-time systems, reducing intermediaries. It eliminates high SWIFT fees and leverages EBANX’s payment and tax connections for cost efficiency, modernizing payments with local methods and providing world-class support.


Our high-order value solution streamlines payment processing by automating billing, reducing intermediary costs, and providing transparency. It offers always-on performance boost through local connections, simplified funds management, and local payment methods in local currency for a better checkout experience. Additionally, it ensures transparency and visibility in managing payment processes effectively.

Fraud and Risk Management

Meet the perfect balance between high approval and conversion rates and effective risk management in Latin America and Africa Tailored for cards and alternative payment method (APMs) transactions, our fraud management solution combines advanced behavior analysis, unparalleled performance, and exclusive local card payment enhancements.

Invoice Collection and Management

Our invoice collection solution streamlines receivables management in Latin America and Africa with invoicing, billing, and B2B capabilities. It offers invoicing via payment link, automating the payment process without banking information. Additionally, it provides document collection management within each B2B transaction.

How It Works?


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Use Case:

Increasing the number of automated high-value transactions by 900% within 3 months

A global SaaS merchant selling in Brazil had a stack of invoices to be issued, processed, and confirmed, with manual processes and limitations with all payment processors for high-ticket transactions (above USD 10K).

Through EBANX B2B solutions the merchant moved from 2 high-value transactions in the first month, to 6 in the second, and 12 in the third month. It represented a 900% increase.

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