Digital commerce

in rising markets

Latin America, Africa, and India

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As you delve into this comprehensive study, anticipate a deep dive into the dynamic context of Latin America, Africa, and India. These rising markets are shaping the future of digital commerce, and we're thrilled to have you alongside us.

Throughout this report, expect exclusive insights backed by fresh data and expert perspectives. From the surge in global consumer growth to the evolving payment landscapes, get ready to get valuable business intelligence.

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What you'll find in this edition of Beyond Borders 2024

Part 1

The hypergrowth markets of digital commerce

Why rising markets

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Africa, a continent poised for digital growth

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India, a giant in the digital revolution

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Latin America: a diverse and well-established market brimming with potential

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Part 2

Digital payments in rising markets

B2B payments ready to be disrupted amidst growing digitization in rising markets

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As account ownership surges, cards take center stage in digital commerce for rising markets

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Alternative payments start to enable recurrence, fostering access to the subscription market

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Driven by Pix and UPI, instant transfers are flourishing in rising markets and bringing new customers to digital commerce

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