Rising Markets, Digital Horizons

Shaping Tomorrow's Commerce in Latin America, Africa, and India

Explore the surge in new consumers propelling the digital economy in rising markets. From India's commanding lead in global consumer growth to Latin America's digital commerce powerhouse, our Beyond Borders 2024 report also unveils the symbiotic game between cards and alternative payments and the steady rise of B2B transactions. Discover how these dynamic regions are adapting and reshaping the global digital landscape.

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India: Pioneering Global Consumer Growth

Uncover the driving force behind global consumer growth as India adds 34 million people to its consumer class in 2024. Analyze the transformative impact of India's burgeoning $275 billion digital economy on the global digital landscape.

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Africa's Digital Leap: Mobile-First Commerce

Witness Africa's digital revolution as mobile payments, electronic transfers, and digital wallets redefine commerce. Go into the continent's journey from a 23% to a 46% digital payment penetration rate, setting the stage for a massive leap in digital commerce.

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Latin America's Tech Renaissance: Powering the Digital Boom

Dive into Latin America's transformative journey, where recent financial inclusion and digital payments advancements have propelled it into a mature, USD 510 billion market. With a staggering 78% digital commerce penetration, global brands can capitalize on this diverse and lucrative landscape.

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B2B Payments: The Next Frontier of Digital Transformation

Deep dive into the untapped potential of B2B payments in rising markets with insights into Brazil, India, and Colombia. Learn why a digital overhaul in B2B transactions is inevitable and presents a massive opportunity for global businesses.

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Next Wave Insights: Decoding the future of digital commerce with fresh data and expert perspectives

Step into the heart of rising markets with Beyond Borders 2024, highlighting global consumer growth propelled by Africa, India, and Latin America, along with innovations in financial inclusion and payment landscapes.

Key understanding includes:

  • Africa's mobile-first commerce driving a continent's rise

  • India's tech revolution shaping global standards

  • Latin America's consolidated market with plenty of cross-border potential

  • As account ownership surges, cards take center stage in digital commerce

  • Future trends include B2B disruption, subscription growth, and instant transfer revolution

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