To test you integration, the first thing is to request a test account, if you do not have one already. The test account has most of the functionality that a real account has. The difference is that boletos bancários generated in a test account are not payable in the bank. Actually, in the test environment, no payment method is real, so no real money transfer is involved. No real bank, acquirer or issuer is integrated.

With the test account, you will also receive a test integration key. That can be used to execute tests with the same parameters of the production environment. The only difference is the base URL. Instead of:*

you must use:*

Your merchant area for the test environment is located at

Upon receiving your test account, you must setup your Status Change Notification URL in your Merchant Area. It will be used to notify you website about payments that changed status. This URL needs to be available on the Internet (public IP), because EBANX is going to connect to it to notify about status changes.

To test a status change notification, you can log in to your Merchant Area. There you can search for a payment and manually change its status. That will trigger status notifications.

In the payment details screen, you see two buttons to test your notification: CONFIRM and CANCEL. Once you confirm or cancel a payment, your system will be notified within a few minutes, through your Status Change Notification URL.

In the Merchant Area, there is a cool integration log where you can check all the notifications sent by EBANX and how your server responded to them. Use the menu Integration -> Integration Log.

Certifying your integration

After you have verified that your integration is OK and your website is ready to go live, please send an email to requesting EBANX to certify your website. In this email, include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Merchant Name
  • Your Public Test URL – a website where EBANX team can test the full integration, usually a test environment within your domain
  • Any additional comments to help with the test

Going live with EBANX!

Once the EBANX team has certified your website’s integration, you will receive the production info including:

  • Production Integration Key
  • Production Merchant Area login and password

Once you received your production info, you are ready to go live. Just send an email to and to inform about the date and time when you are going to go live, so that we can monitor the activity in your account.

To connect your website to the production environment, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Replace the test key by the production key
  • Setup your parameters in the production Dashboard (response and notification URLs, and logo image)
  • Replace the URL prefix (from to in every web service call.