You can monitor your payments, refunds and chargeback within EBANX Dashboard. You can also use the Request Payment service.

Request Payment

Request Payment Customer EBANX Dashboard

You can create a new payment or generate a link for your customer.

To request a payment, you have to inform the customer email and the amount of the payment. If necessary, you can choose the payment method.

Depending on what you choose, the option Send payment request to customer via email can either send the link for the payment directly to your customer or it will be shown to you.


In Payments Overview, you can track your payments.

You can also select the desired filters and hit Search to list a group of payments:


If you want more details about a specific payment, all you have to do is select one them and it will show you all the details about that payment (amount, status, payment_method and some info about the customer). You can also request a refund through the payment details.



In Refunds Overview, you can check all the requested refunds.

And, just like the Payments Overview, you can select the desired filters and hit Search to list a group of refunds:


If you select a refund, it will show you the details about the payment. There, you can cancel the refund.



In Chargebacks Overview, you can monitor all the chargebacks.

You can also select a date range and hit Search to list a group of chargebacks: