You can check your Account Settings in this menu.

There are three main settings you can check: Company Information, Login Information and EBANX Integration.

Company Information

Here you can update your logo, that will be shown during the payment process.


Login Information

Here you can check your username and email. You can also update your password.


EBANX Integration

Integration key

Not Editable

Your integration key. It’s redacted because of confidentiality issues. If you lose it you can contact us for recovery.

Status change notification URL


The URL we will use to send notifications of status changes on payments. More information about Notifications here.

Response URL


The URL your client will be redirected to after completing the payment (applies only for EBANX Checkout and for payment methods were the customer is redirected out of your website). Also, the API returns within the Response URL the parameters hash , merchant payment code and payment type code of that particular payment.