All your settlement data can be found at the EBANX Dashboard. To find out more, click the menu Finance and select the desired option.


You can see the Amount Available for your next Settlement in this menu.

You can also see the details about the payments, refunds, chargebacks and others by clicking the icon in Actions. You can also download that list in a csv file.


If your settlements are not automatic, you can request them manually at EBANX Dashboard. All you have to do is click the REQUEST SETTLEMENT button. You will need to enter a descriptive message about the settlement, and submit it to us.



All your settlement history can be found at this menu.

You can also search for settlements by code or by date range. Just select the desired filters and and hit Search.


If you want to see specific info about one settlement, you can select it and it will shown all the details (Processed Volume, Fees, Total Amount and much more) about that settlement.